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8 Tips for a Nice Smelling Bathroom

8 Tips for a Nice Smelling Bathroom Posted on November 13, 2017Leave a comment

8 tips for a nice smelling bathroom

It’s unavoidable and can and does happen to *everyone* – there are times when your bathroom just doesn’t smell as *fresh* as it should. Keeping your bathroom smelling good not only makes it a more pleasant space to be in, it also makes it appear cleaner and more attractive. Most people just reach for the tin of air freshener – but all you are doing is masking the smell, not fixing the issue at the source. Regular professional cleaners are a great option, as they know which products will keep the bathroom smelling the nicest for the longest, however, there are some steps you can take as well.

8 Tips for a beautiful Smelling Bathroom

8 tips for that great smelling bathroom:

  1. Air it out – when you have a bathroom that stays damp, it can develop a mildewy or musty smell. After your bath or shower open the window or leave the bathroom fan running until all the steam dissipates and the walls and floor are dry. If you have a bathroom that doesn’t have an exhaust fan or window use a small electric fan to blow moisture away after showering. If your bathroom is very humid, a dehumidifier is an option. Always hang your towels and bathmat up to dry and wash them regularly once a week. Pull the shower curtain closed so it can dry completely.
  2. Clean it up – if you have children, bathrooms can become dirty and smelly, so mop the floors weekly, this could be daily if you are potty-training a boy! Pay attention to the floor around the toilet and the toilet seat and rim. Keep your bathroom sink free of gobs of toothpaste, shed hair, water and any spilt toiletries. Line your rubbish bin with a plastic bag to prevent any build up in the bin and empty the rubbish every day.
  3. Absorb odours – it’s a bathroom, odours happen. To keep the room fresh, use some natural odour absorbers. Fill a vase or bowl with white vinegar and baking soda, and place it on your sink. Both products help absorb odours from the air, leaving the room smelling fresh and pleasant.
  4. Add a nice scent – you can always add a nice fragrance to the room without using sprays. Place a small basket of potpourri in the corner of the room. A mix of citrus peels, spices, pine and rose petals smells natural. You can also use a scented soy candle, light the candle before you use the toilet, and blow it out once you are finished. Scented reed diffusers are another option; these are fragrant essential oils in a glass container, the long reeds absorb the oils and then disperse the fragrance into the air.
  5. Clean your washing machine – if you have a front loader washing machine they can get a build-up of grime and even mould around the rubber seals of the door, not only can this make your laundry not smell wonderful, but it can also make your towels not so fresh. Wipe down this area regularly and run your machine through a cycle with baking soda or bleach. If your clean towels aren’t fresh from the start, it adds odours to your bathroom.
  6. Wash – or replace – your shower curtain – if you have a fabric shower curtain, take it down and wash it. If you have a plastic shower curtain, take it down and throw it out every 6 months.
  7. Clean the toilet thoroughly – how often do your really clean your toilet? Pour some vinegar into the tank and scrub the walls with a brush, flush and then add some more vinegar to the tank and then flush again. Pay attention also to the outside of the bowl and the cement base at the bottom of the bowl, as the concrete there absorbs urine. A good firm wipe with some bleach should neutralise any recent urine *spills*.
  8. Check the grout – if you have tiles on the floor – or even on the walls, give the grout a good scrubbing with some vinegar, this will neutralise any smells that can be absorbed by the grout.

With a little work – and some elbow grease, you can have your bathroom smelling fresh and clean again or you can trust your cleaning service provider, sit back and treat yourself to some new fluffy towels, and enjoy knowing it’s a job well done. You deserve it!


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