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A Fresh New Look

A Fresh New Look Posted on January 10, 2019Leave a comment

A Fresh New Look

3 Ways to Refine Your Interior Space in One Weekend

Treat Yourself

Tired of always putting everyone and everything else first before yourself?  Have you pursued magazines only to dream of having a home that is “Instagram worthy”? Many homeowners and professionals, both working and stay at home moms, and heads of households struggle with these questions daily.  In NSW, particularly popular suburbs like Cabramatta and Alexandria, the need for a healthy balance of happy communities and aesthetically pleasing home living.


A Fresh New Look For Your Room


Self-care comes in many forms whether it’s taking a day off, going to the spa, or even making updates to your living space. It is becoming increasingly common to experience self-care via home design therapy.  Readers from all over the globe have expressed a newfound sense of pride and well-being from giving the home a redesign.  These interior upgrades don’t have to be overly intensive or costly, but just a few simple tricks can completely change the feel and Feng Shui of the living space.


One Weekend Only

In just one weekend, you can introduce a few design principles that will give your home style and character, all the while making you feel good and getting new compliments from guests simultaneously.  Treat yourself with these few tips.


  • Kick your feet up on a new lounge
  • Make the Dining Table Standout
  • Dump the fabric, Go with Leather


Here we focus on NSW home lifestyle by providing some elegant, refining practices for making your home look as if it came from out of the page of a magazine.  Luxury design doesn’t have to be sequestered to just celebrities and artists, but fine people like yourself that appreciate the finer things in life.  Don’t worry about browsing from store to store in Sydney to implement modern design inside your home. We’ve got you covered.



Staple Sitting Piece: The Lounge

Modern, mid-century, classic, or leather. A lounge chair can set the tone of a room by becoming a focal point that’s often overlooked.  Almost throne like, consider adding a pop of royalty with a plush lounge instead of that simple and basic seating chair that lacks personality and refinement.


Everyone notices your dining table

There are a few things guests repeatedly notice as they enter and entertain in homes all over Sydney.  We present to you, the dining table.  Whether the table be cluttered with mail and junk, or if a decadent charcuterie and cheese spread has been offered, all eyes are always on the dining table. Just by sprucing up or replacing your existing dining table with new, we highly recommend giving this accent point a major facelift to give your dining area a design overhaul.


Yes, Leather is Better

Durable.  Doesn’t hold allergens, germs, and dust particles as other furniture fabrics.  Most respected and revered in the interior design space.  What’s not to like about leather?  Although the initial costs are higher than other furniture materials, you will keep leather far longer than many other materials.


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