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Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools Posted on December 24, 2019Leave a comment

above ground pools

Lack of enough space in the backyard or limited funds is not a reason not to have a swimming pool if you desire one. There are swimming pools that can be installed above the ground. The pools can be bought and set up in your home within an hour. However, before you buy one, you should consider a couple of things.

Type of Pool

  • Resin Pool

They are among the most popular above ground swimming pools. They have walls made of steel while other parts are manufactured from resin, a form of thick plastic. The resin pools are very cost-effective and also long-lasting but crack over time due to the effects of UV rays and extreme weather conditions.

  • Steel Pools

Steel is a sturdy material hence pools that are made from it are strong. A good steel pool resists rust and corrosion as they are galvanized.

  • Aluminium Pools

If you live in an area that frequently experiences stormy weather, this is the right pool for you. After exposure to open air, aluminium oxide is formed around the aluminium body to prevent ageing and rusting. However, the pools sometimes undergo pitting as a result of oxidation.

Considerations before Buying the Pool 

  • Price

Consider the price of the pool from the different types available. Get a pool that is within your budget both on purchase costs, installation and maintenance cost.

  • Pool Type

Pools come in different types that include resin, steel, and aluminium. Steel pools are sturdier of the three but are more susceptible to corrosion and rust. Aluminium pools are great but vulnerable to oxidation. Pools made from resin do not corrode or undergo oxidation but they can crack and fade after being used for a long time.

  • Installation

Is your choice is swimming pool easy to install? Does it require extra materials for installation or do you require a professional to do the installation? These are some of the considerations to make before settling on a particular pool.

  • Safety

Although a swimming pool is fun, safety, especially for the children, is vital. Pools have a barrier that prevents small children from accessing it and a fence as added security. Some pools like concrete pools are rough on the skin and can cause bruising on children


You need to maintain the cleanliness of a pool at all times. Here are a few tips to keep the pool clean.

  • Filter

Remove all debris from the water including oil. This is done by filters that prevent the debris from passing through and going into filtered water.

  • Vacuum/Brush

Vacuuming is done on hard to reach areas such as corners at the bottom of the pool. Vacuuming or brushing should be done at least once a week.

  • Check Chlorine and PH levels

The swimming pool should always have a balance of water chemicals. To ensure chemical balance, check PH levels and quantity of water sanitizer. The testing should be done at least thrice a week. An above-ground pool is a good alternative to traditional inground swimming pools. It’s a viable option if you have a low budget and you are looking for a semi-permanent installation.

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