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All You Need To Know About Leather Lounges

All You Need To Know About Leather Lounges Posted on June 5, 2019Leave a comment

leather lounges

Leather is an elegant addition in living rooms and entertainment areas. It’s a natural material that is cozy and durable with unique characteristics. The comfort associated with leather has made it one of the best materials for car seats, lounges, and office chairs. Leather is an old material that has been in use since 500 B.C. The production process of the material gives the material its desirable qualities. There are many finishes available for leather with options that can serve both modern and rustic designs. Leather lounges are the envy in many homes. They accentuate the interior design of living spaces while offering unparalleled comfort. Despite the unmatched reputation of the material, choosing the right leather lounge for your home can be a daunting task.

Upholstery leather is responsible for some of the most fabulous furniture designs. However, different leather types are used to make lounges. Pigmented leather is the most popular type used in lounges. It’s durable with a surface coating that offers excellent resistance to soiling, scuffing and fading. The durability of the leather is provided by a polymer surface coating that contains pigments. Modern technology has allowed the finish to be embossed, printed or plain. When it comes to natural looks, aniline leather tops the list. Pure aniline lacks polymer and pigment surface coating. The material only has a dye that gives its colour. As a result, aniline leather retains the visible unique characteristics of animal hide. Due to the minimal surface protection, aniline leather lounges require proper maintenance to maintain its quality. If you want durability and the natural look of leather, semi-aniline offers the best of both worlds. It has a light surface coating that provides sufficient protection.

A leather lounge is more than just the material. The design of the lounge is critical to its comfort and good looks. Leather lounges are designed in both traditional and contemporary styles. Most traditional models feature sectional units of 3-seater, 2-seater, and 1-seater leather lounges. More often than not, rustic designs have big armrests and backrests. Contemporary designs are usually low with an ample seating area to increase comfort. Most modern lounge designers prefer more solid shaped designs as opposed to the curved designs popular in traditional lounges. The chaise lounge or the long chair is another unique lounge design. When adorned with leather the chaise lounge becomes a luxuries addition to an interior space. Other contemporary designs include the L-shaped leather lounge and the reclining leather lounges. Some of the extra features added to leather lounges include electric reclining function, adjustable footrests, and USB charging ports.

leather lounge

When it comes to interior design, leather lounges make a huge statement. They represent elegance and comfort. Having a leather lounge with the right colour and design is enough to revamp the look of your living room. Moreover, with the array of colour options, you can beautifully blend the colours on your walls, tiles, and carpet. If you are looking for a downside to getting a leather lounge, none is grave enough.


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