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Are Freestanding Wood Fireplaces Suited for You?

Are Freestanding Wood Fireplaces Suited for You? Posted on December 19, 2019Leave a comment

Freestanding Wood Fireplaces

Fireplaces have long been cherished by homeowners, not just for its ability to provide warmth but also as a gathering spot for friends and loved ones, and as a symbol of passion and comfort. A fireplace can also be the crowning piece of any home, adding more value to it in the event that it goes up for sale.

Fireplaces are so popular among homeowners especially those that go through a cold season. However, changes in how a house or a building is constructed have led to many traditional wood-burning fireplaces becoming unsuitable for today’s homes.

This is primarily because the improved insulation and augmented airtightness of today’s buildings are not compatible with the large amount of air that traditional wood fireplaces need. These kinds of fireplaces are also known to be very inefficient with many of these actually causing homes to lose heat. They also generate high levels of dangerous emissions which causes pollution and can lead to dangerous air quality inside your home.

Yet the fact remains that a lot of homeowners are adamant in getting one. So what are the best options? The answer is freestanding wood fireplaces.

What is a Freestanding Wood Fireplace?

A fairly rudimentary definition of what a freestanding wood fireplace is that it is a metal box that is constructed in such a manner that it could hold a wood fire inside to heat up the metal, in so doing, heating the space around it as well.

As fundamental as the definition may sound, there is actually a lot of research that went into the technology that goes behind such a contraption. Today’s freestanding wood fireplaces are considered to be very efficient when it comes to heating spaces, with studies showing that it has an efficiency rate of 90%, similar to that of gas or oil-powered furnaces. And since they make use of renewable fuel such as wood, a freestanding wood furnace may be considered “old school” but it remains very serviceable even in the 21st century.

Which One Should You Purchase?

There is a wide range of selections that you can choose from. There are inexpensive freestanding wood fireplaces that you can buy that barely meet environmental standards. Nevertheless, those do work and can give you bang for your buck.

1) Cast Iron

Wood fireplaces made of cast iron are considered to not only be very efficient but also look very attractive. Cast iron is well-known for radiating heat evenly, making this kind appealing for homes of different sizes. However, cast iron fireplaces sometimes crack and are usually more expensive compared to other options.

2) Steel

Steel fireplaces are often thought to be the most economical option, boasting of both good looks and longevity. Fireplaces that are made of this particular material are considered to be very efficient in dispersing heat evenly and quickly. There are also different designs that appeal to various consumers, depending on the manufacturer that you prefer.

3) Steel and Cast Iron

Wood fireplaces that are made from a combination of cast iron and steel are also very popular especially because of their eye-catching appearance.

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