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The Benefits Of An Underground Water Tank

The Benefits Of An Underground Water Tank Posted on October 31, 2017Leave a comment

Underground Water Tank

With self-sufficient lifestyles becoming more and more prominent, it’s easy to see why so many people are making modifications to their homes. From installing and using solar energy to growing your own veggies, there are many ways to save money and be gentler on the environment.

Water is one resource that is becoming less and less, and with bills increasing each year, it is more and more difficult to shut your eyes and just pay. Cutting water usage is one way to lessen the burden of water bills. But there is an even better solution.

This solution lies in installing an underground water tank. These tanks have safety and saving space in mind, by not being installed above ground these underground tanks are not taking up unnecessary space.

Water Tank

You will benefit from the following when deciding on going the underground tank route:

1. Safety

These tanks are safe, durable and have stainless steel bolt covers with a small opening. This opening makes it easier to access as well making maintenance a breeze.

2. Doesn’t Take Up Plenty Of Space

If space is a problem you can easily have the underground water tank installed under your driveway or backyard. It’s not something that will require space in your garden at all.

3. Not An Eyesore

You won’t have an unsightly tank taking up unnecessary space on your lawn. The water tank will be out of sight and underground.

4. Rain Switch

Some of these tanks are so cleverly designed that they can detect when enough tank water is available. It then switches the water outlet to the tank, saving you money without you even realizing it.

5.  Zero Mosquito Problems

Certain tanks have a steel mesh. It is a mosquito proof filter that makes sure only clean and fresh water enters the tank.

6.  Strong

Underground water tanks are sometimes individually wet cast from 40mpa steel fibre that is reinforced with concrete. These tanks are manufactured to meet the requirements of AS15646.1

7.   Quiet

High quality steel pumps are designed to run efficiently for the long term, enhancing performance. It’s quiet inside the tank and thus provides a steady supply of rainwater without the noise pollution.

8.   Safe

Underground water tanks are safe from things like natural disasters. No hurricane or fire is going to destroy it while it’s safely beneath the ground. Meaning you won’t go without water if there’s a crisis. You will have a water supply even if there’s a national disaster and water has been cut off.

Vandals also won’t be able to get to your water supply.

9.   Save Money

Tanks are installed where they will catch the most rainfall so no drops are wasted. This also eliminates sediment building up in the pipes.

10. Environmentally Friendly

By cutting down on water usage in your home, you’re not contributing to overusing water and causing water shortages. When you have water saved in your tank, you are using water directly from nature. And whatever rainfall follows will just top it up again.

11.   Zero Water Restrictions

If water restrictions are put into place because of water shortage you will be able to use your reserves and still enjoy a level of normality. I do suggest not going overboard and using the water from your underground tank to water your garden during midday. But you can still enjoy a longer shower than other people.

These are only a few benefits of installing your very own underground water tank. To enjoy the full extent of these benefits and more I suggest going the self-sufficient route and installing your very own tank underground. It is definitely the way the way of the future!

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