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Bring Luxury to Your Bedroom with Your Dream Wardrobe

Bring Luxury to Your Bedroom with Your Dream Wardrobe Posted on May 27, 2019Leave a comment

A wardrobe is the prime storage space in your bedroom. It can make or break the aesthetic, organisation, and beauty of your room. Fortunately for us, architects and interior designers have been working on more and more contemporary ideas to incorporate storage space into our apartments and houses.Wardrobes are a sign of fashion. They can bring luxury into your room if you can choose the right style. Here a few examples of different styles of wardrobes and their benefits.

L-shaped Wardrobe

L-shaped wardrobes are built in the L-shaped wall. It’s roomy and saves vast space, especially when built with sliding doors. There are rods available for hanging clothes.

The overhead loft offers generous storage spaces to put away big suitcases, old cartoons, and baskets which are not needed. The L-shaped wardrobe is perfect for a small apartment bedroom.

Walk-in Wardrobes

These are the dream wardrobes that everyone secretly desires. Usually, a small space beside the room which is usually connected with a door, and that space works as a cupboard. All three sides of walls are drilled with lofts, rods for hanging purposes, and embellished columns to hold your clothes, shoes and other accessories.

A walk-in wardrobe keeps things organised and out of the way of view. Homes with walk-in closets have a better ROI than the ones without it. The great thing is that you will never run out of space when you have a whole smallish room dedicated to the wardrobe.

Mezzanine Loft Wardrobe

All of you gushing over the beautifully decorated mezzanine loft wardrobes on Pinterest, ‘you’re right to do so. A mezzanine loft wardrobe can be installed in spaces where the ceiling is higher than average, or a space between the ceiling and the floor of the wardrobe can be created.

There are two ways mezzanine wardrobes add value to space. First, a mezzanine loft over your bedroom can be used as the storage area. Or, the wardrobe can itself function as the floor of the loft which can be arranged into a cozy sitting space above.

Custom Wardrobes

Many service providers offer custom build wardrobes to their customers based on their space, design, and storage preferences. You can order a design from scratch or choose from their pre approved templates and make some changes.

For example, if you need the hangings on the left side, add another row of drawers, and the small chest on the right side with a loft space above, all you need is to communicate your changes and a customized wardrobe will be at your service!

This works best for people who have a different kind of preferences who wants smart home automation, and their rooms cannot accommodate the traditional closet.

Customers prefer these trendy wardrobe styles due to their modern structure and added value.

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