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Factors That Can Make Your Property Prone to Pest Infestation

Factors That Can Make Your Property Prone to Pest Infestation Posted on May 22, 2019Leave a comment

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It’s not news that pest infestation has been a significant problem that brings perils and destruction to beautiful properties. Aside from that, they also cause serious health problems, epidemics, and the outbreak of diseases. Many people are eager to know the factors that contribute to the infestation of pests in their homes or property so that they can find a solution. These factors are explored as follows.

Location of The Property

The location of your property may be the sole reason or one of the reasons for pest infestation. If the property is located near restaurants, old buildings or parks, there is a high possibility of pest infestation. Old buildings have several cracks and hidden corners; same thing with parks. Rodents like rats and mice always burrow into the ground to create their nests. As you know, parks usually have enough plants and land that can aid the rodents during reproduction. In search of food, these rodents and pests will start moving to and climbing any property that is close to the parks and old buildings.

If you don’t have preventive pest maintenance for the property, then, pest infestation becomes endless.

Poor Sanitation

The first and primary reason why there is pest infestation in many places is due to poor sanitation. Poor refuse and waste disposal, leftovers, and spills create a nice and perfect attraction for pests. To avoid this kind of scenario, you make it a habit never to leave food crumbs on the floor. In addition, you should wipe off spills the moment they happen, store food in closed containers and clean your pet’s bowl.


As your house ages, it starts to wear down. This is when you start seeing gaps and cracks in woods, plaster, insulation or sealing. Paint begins to chip away, screens tear and weatherproofing rubs away. These are things that will inevitably happen, and pests will take advantage of them in due course. You can stop the pests by ensuring that you patch up all cracks and repair all parts of the building that is damaged as soon as you notice such crack or damage. This means that you need to inspect your house from time to time.


Pests are shy. They don’t want you to see them. Therefore, when they enter your house, they look for somewhere to hide. If they can get cabinets, drawers, cardboard boxes or piles of fabric or clothing, etc. that’s enough for them to hide. Aside from this, a clutter allows the pests to build their own nest; from there, they can start making a ‘family’. One right way of preventing such from happening is to ensure that you maintain orderliness in your home. Arrange all your clothes well and make sure every part of the house is clean and neat.


The humidity of your environment also determines whether pests will invade your house or not. As you know, every living thing wants the water to live and survive. If your place is a humid area, the pests will get all the water they need from condensation on walls or windows. Bugs feel incredibly comfortable when they are in most places where their body will not dry quickly.

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You can avoid this situation by getting a dehumidifier. Use it keep every humid area of your house dry. Also, try as much as possible to patch up every leaking pipe or anyplace where water drips. When pests have nowhere to get water, they will surely get out of your house.

Put Them All Together

When you put all these factors together, there is a high chance of protecting your property from pest infestation. Another great preventive option could be hiring a professional pest management team, who can help manage and prevent any infestations.


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