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Fencing Options for Your New Pool

Fencing Options for Your New Pool Posted on November 21, 2017Leave a comment

Fencing Options for Your New Pool

Getting a new pool is an awesome add-on to your home and backyard. You’ll be able to keep cool in summer, have some fun, and provide hours of entertainment for family and friends, too. When you are installing a new pool, you also need to think about the kind of fence that you are going to install.

In Australia, we have very strict regulations about the fence that you put around your pool. Not only that, but we have both national regulations regarding pool fences as well as localised state regulations, as well.

This is why you need to be very careful about the fencing provider that you go with. Ensuring that they know all the relevant state rules surrounding pool fencing is imperative. You need to trust that your new pool fence is going to be compliant. Otherwise, you risk ending up with a heavy fine! It’s not good enough to try and build your pool fence – you need someone that’s an expert in the regulations to be able to erect the right structure.

Once you have found a good pool fencing supplier, then it’s time to have a look at the type of fence that you want to get. The choices that you have when it comes to pool fencing is generally glass panels or aluminium tubular fencing. These provide a safe barrier between the pool and the outside areas, without detracting too much from the aesthetic of the pool.

If you want to get the most aesthetically pleasing fence, then glass panels are the way to go. With tough glass panels, you can see straight through to the pool, as if there’s nothing there. Glass panels may be larger or smaller, and the surrounds of the panel vary in width, material, etc.

Glass panels might look the best, sure, but they also come at a considerably higher cost than aluminium tubular fencing. If you have spent most of your budget on your pool itself, then it might be a better idea to choose aluminium tubular fencing to fence in your pool. There is always the option to update to glass panelling later on down the line when you feel like giving your pool surrounds an upgrade.

There are many different types of styles and designs that you can choose from with aluminium outer fencing. Everything from the width of the tubing to the top capping can be altered. There is a whole range of colours to choose from so you can mix and match to your landscaping and home choices.

If you are confused by having so many options, then have a look around at some styling options on sites like Pinterest or Houzz. Here you can view other people’s pool and fencing choices, to see what each of them look like. It can be difficult to choose your own design straight off the bat without any styling experience, so why not check out what other people have done already?

Fencing your new pool is extremely important so that your pool area complies with local and national regulations. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have many options available – even if our laws are very strict! Chat with a pool fencing expert and have a browse around online to check out what will work for your pool area. Make sure that your fence is installed because your pool is ready and raring to go. Once you’re all done, you’ll be able to relax in your brand new pool, in the knowledge that you’ve made the right choices when it comes to style, safety and substance.


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