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Furniture You Need to Decorate Your Bedroom

Furniture You Need to Decorate Your Bedroom Posted on February 15, 2018Leave a comment

Peter Smith is a writer who has long experience in home improvement sectors. He has worked as marketing specialist fr various home improvment companies like pool builder, home builder, windows and doors supplier etc.

Furniture You Need to Decorate Your Bedroom

Don’t rejoice over your newly-built or renovated bedroom yet; there may be some master bedroom furniture lacking! Here is the list of furniture you need to decorate your master bedroom and let your guests say “wow!”

Furniture for Bedroom Decoration




When we think of comfort, relaxation, and hours of sleep, the first bedroom furniture that comes out of our mind is the bed. What a wonderful feeling when you lay your body on a bed after a long tiring work! Your bed defines the overall look and feel of your room, so it’s crucial to choose the right style.

Different Types of Bed

  • Sofa Bed
  • Sleigh Bed
  • Cabin Bed
  • Cot Bed
  • Divan Bed
  • Futon Bed
  • Loft Bed
  • Bunk Bed/Mid Sleeper



If you want to achieve a healthy, good night sleep, then I suggest you should invest in a mattress. When shopping for a mattress, look for its:

  • Firmness – it doesn’t have to be hard
  • Covers – some are removable
  • Toppers – make the mattress more comfortable
  • Handles – help with turning, positioning, and flipping the mattress
  • Padding – some paddings are man-made polymers, while others consist of natural fibers (e.g., wool)
  • Spring density – quality should be considered than quantity

Mattress Protector

Mattress Protector

Usually a thin, quilted, padded, and waterproof protective sheet, mattress protectors improve the overall comfort of the mattress, besides shielding them from spills, allergies, and dust, as well as protecting them from wear and tear. Above all, mattress protector helps protect the warranty.

There are many different forms of a mattress protector, including traditional natural fabrics. New forms of synthetic topper or protector have also appeared, like spacer fabrics and memory foam.

Sheets and Pillowcases


Sheets and Pillowcases

Since sheets directly contact our skin, it’s important to look for quality ones. There are various bedsheets available:

  • Egyptian Cotton
  • Cotton Blend
  • Polyester
  • Jersey Knit
  • Bamboo Rayon
  • Flannel
  • Linen
  • Satin
  • Sateen
  • Microfiber; and
  • Percale



A bedding set wouldn’t be complete without pillowcases. They contribute to the room’s comfort and functionality. Pillowcases don’t just protect pillows from facial oils, dirt, stains, and dust, but also add a beautiful and comfortable touch. Such different types are the housewife, bag style, and mock oxford.

Blanket and Quilt



The truth is, there are several types of blankets that make shopping quite confusing. There is a throw blanket, fleece blanket, security blanket, and Afghan (another type of throw blanket).



In finding the right quilt for your room, some things must be taken into account. Do you have allergies? Do you prefer a cold sleep than a hot sleep? Quilts don’t just offer our body a comfortable sleep but help ease our pains and aches as well. They are also ideal for those with asthma and allergy.

Comforter, Bedspread, Duvet


What’s the difference between these three bedroom pieces of furniture?

  • Comforter: Thick and quilted, its patterns are not embroidered, and the colours are dyed. Comforters are packed with layers of materials, which include silk, wool, polyester batting or down feathers.
  • Bedspread: It is designed for use on the bed’s top layer. It can be warming and decorative, and lighter weight or thick.
  • Duvet: It is a soft bag that is packed with feathers, down, and a synthetic alternative. Duvet can be used as a lightweight topper or add extra blankets underneath it.



A bed skirt is a decorative fabric placed between the bed’s box spring and the mattress. Its purpose is to give a sophisticated look to your bed without exposing your bed’s foundation or box spring. They may be a small addition to your bedroom, and their aesthetic benefits are tremendous. It comes in a range of styles and can provide you with another beneficial way to bring added texture, color, and pattern to your room’s decor style.

Draperies, Rods, Brackets, Valances

Draperies, Rods, Brackets, Valances

The windows of your bedroom need some sort of covering both for style and privacy. And, one excellent way to add some additional texture, flair, and the color is with a drapery, rod, bracket, or valance.

  • Draperies: Lots of drapery panel styles are available to choose from – grommet, rod-pocket, tab-top, or back-tab drapery panels – to complement well with the appearance of your decor.
  • Rods: Curtain rods must be connected to the style of your room. You can opt for classic, track, tension and return rod.
  • Brackets: You can choose brackets for decorating your window even without covering it up with curtains.
  • Valances: These not only hide other hardware of the window treatment, but also add color, pattern, and softness. Valances are simply attached to the rod with a rod pocket or clip rings.

Window Shades, Blinds, Shutters

Window Shades, Blinds, Shutters

Which among these three window styles is best for your bedroom?

  • Shades – functional, stylish, and affordable. It adds incredible visual appeal to the room and can be bought with different textures, colours, and patterns to complement and accentuate the decor of the room
  • Blinds – come in an array of styles and shapes, with vertical and horizontal slats. These are made with bamboo and other sustainable materials.
  • Shutters – the most expensive option, but can surely add value to the room. Aside from their privacy and durability, shutters come in a pool of styles.

Nightstands, Occasional Tables

Occasional Tables

There are two useful, stylish ways to decorate your bedroom: nightstands and occasional table.

  • Nightstands: While some are small tables, others have enough storage inside for essential stuff like books and reading glasses.
  • Occasional Tables: When it comes to occasional tables, the choices are extensive. There comes traditional and contemporary wood tables, contemporary and traditional glass top table, as well as slate and zinc top tables.

Lamps: Floor, Table, Hanging, Wall Sconce


Complete the overall lighting scheme of your bedroom with these lamp ideas:

  • Floor lamps – can be used as task lights and can be placed behind or close to your bed, table or chair. These are made of metal, rattan, and wood.
  • Table lamps – a combination of smart functionality, timeless charm, and modern allure. You can choose from Hollywood Regency-style to classically opulent Bourgie table lamps.
  • Hanging lamps – acts as the jewellery of any room. This highlight particular design feature, such as a beautiful material or an art piece.
  • Wall sconce – probably the most versatile light source in a room, wall sconce offers a key lighting function, namely task, wall wishing, accent, and ambient.

Alarm Clock, Radio

Alarm Clock

Stop sleeping with your phone – alarm clock and radio are the best addition to your bedroom! Isn’t it nice to wake up in the morning listening to your favorite music? Such a good refreshing method to start a busy day!

Bedroom alarm clock, on the other hand, will relieve into a good morning. When shopping, consider different sounds and think about extra features (e.g., doubles as a light).

Plants and Plant Container


Probably one of the simplest ways to upgrade your house without breaking the bank, plants should be added to a room. Keep the decor aesthetic of your room and plant care when choosing the right plants. And when it comes to plant containers, consider your houseplant skills, decorating needs, and your plant’s needs.

Vases, Flowers


The elegance, vibrancy and a bit of nostalgia for flowers complement and improve the interior design scheme of the room. Matching them is difficult, so try to work with a higher or lower gradient of the room/chosen colour or with the same tones.

Vases come in various forms. Large vases look beautiful when placed in the room’s corner or on the floor. A small vase can be used as an accessory for your bedroom table or add color to particular parts of your room.

Candles, Candleholder


Candles are environmentally-friendly, natural product, making it a good addition to the bedroom. It gives a generous, cozy, and atmospheric glow. A candle holder that is made of metal is much more recommended as it reflects more light.

Artwork, Poster, Prints


There are factors to consider when choosing an artwork, poster, or print for your master bedroom.

  • Choose simple, yet with fresh colours
  • Consider your values
  • Consider your room’s size,atmosphere, and lighting
  • Decide the medium you prefer most

Photos, Frames, Photo Albums


Photos are important pieces in everyone’s room, and we want to design it in a creative, unique way. Display memorable moments from an unforgettable birthday, family gathering, wedding day, or other special events with frames and photo albums. A myriad of photo albums and frames are available to suit your room’s design and your budget perfectly.

Dressers and Clothing


Even without a closet, you can still store those dresses and clothing with less hassle.

  • Blouses and button-downs – hang them on wooden hangers, not on wire hangers
  • Suits, jackets, and blazers – store in the closet and hang together
  • Sweaters – store folded in the dressers. Do not hang.
  • Dress pants – store by hanging them along the cease on wooden hangers
  • Pants – can be stored in the dress
  • Denim – since they’re quite versatile, you can fold or hang them. Or, organize them though hem-length.
  • Leggings – can be hung in the closet or stored folded in a dresser drawer.
  • Bras – store with drawer dividers
  • Hosiery – store in a dresser drawer or

Armoire and/or TV Cabinet

TV Cabinet

Enjoy your favourite weekly TV show or movie with the right piece of entertainment furniture.

  • Armoire: It is the tallest option. Armoire is often contained within a cabinet with doors, which hides the TV when not in use.
  • TV Cabinet: It is a short and long cabinet on which to put the TV ton. It generally features extra storage for media components, games, and more.


Some people neglect the importance of a comfy chair in a bedroom, even if it’s to watch TV or read a book. Your room’s style, seating preference, and size are a few factors you need to take into account when finding the perfect bedroom chair.

Loveseat, Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounge

Two of the popular bedroom chairs, loveseat and chaise lounge, can surely make your visitors jealous.

  • Loveseats: If you want a full-sized sectional in your room, you could instead choose a loveseat. It is a compact sofa that offers all the convenience of a whole-sized sectional but can be simply tucked away in the corner of a room.
  • Chaise Lounge: This is a good alternative if you want to preserve the view, traffic flow, DIY sectional, fill out your room, furnish a media room, or make a fireside retreat.
  • Ottoman

Another most sought-after bedroom chair, Ottoman can enhance your room in different ways:

  • Visual interest – thanks to Ottoman’s geometric configurations and shapes, making it visually appealing and fun.
  • Keep items inside – whether it is a remote control, game controllers or movies.
  • Shared space settings – especially for apartment rooms that share seating with over one area.
  • Use as a coffee table – sits lower than the couch and can be used to set and display different items.

Bookshelves, Decorative Ledges



Aside from storing books, bookshelves can be used in organizing a range of daily items as well – from craft supplies to electronics clothing. Talking about space-saving, these are available in metal and solid hardwood. Plywood is the most cost-effective.

Decorative Ledges

Decorative Ledges

Homemade and newly purchased decorative ledges are so simple yet artistic. The price will definitely make you fall in love with it, such a perfect master bedroom furniture for storing books – particularly good in kid’s room!

Books, Magazines, Bookends


Say no to scribbled or torn pages of your books and magazines – all thanks to a bookend project. There is still hope for beautiful covers.

Bookends can be your intelligent, beautiful way finishing off o the en-ended mantle, bookshelves or tabletop displays. These will help keep your favorite books and magazines in place without distracting from your decor. You can also use the bookends for organizing your books and magazines.

Trunk, Bench

Trunk, Bench

Whether it is a trunk or bench, or both, that you are eyeing for your bedroom decoration, make sure to choose the right item – it should play nice with the feel and look of your bed.

According to some experts, choose a trunk or bench that somewhat contrasts the make of your bed or vice versa. For instance, opt for an upholstered one if your headboard is wood or metal. Height is another factor. Usually, a few inches shorter than your bed is the best.

Writing Desk and/or Vanity Table

Writing Desk
Source: /

For busy individuals, a writing desk or vanity table is a huge help in accomplishing their task.

  • Bedroom Vanities: These are elegant and traditional accent furniture to any room. They can be able to complement or transform your current decor. You can prepare yourself in front of a stylish and tall mirror or keep important belongings on a vanity table.
  • Writing Desks: These can add a touch of sophistication to all rooms. The right desk can motivate creativity, helping you attain a more productive working environment. Aside from writing a letter and penning a novel, writing desks can also be used for working on any craft or project.

Mirrors – Dresser, Wall, Floor


What makes mirrors must-have bedroom furniture is that they make spaces look bigger, add interest, reflect lights, and produce warmth.

Dresser mirrors come in three types:

  • Bolt on mirror – attached to the bedroom wall
  • Freestanding mirror – are on the full length and commonly sits on the floor
  • Vanity mirror – attached to the dresser

While rectangular and square are popularly the most common, wall mirrors can also be found in various shapes.

Some floor mirrors have frames, while others are frameless. You can install mirrors with frames on the wall.



Are your rugs give you a wealth benefits to your master bedroom? If not, then it is the best time to invest in a new one. These offer comfort to the feet and protect the floors below from potential damage. You can opt from fur and silk rugs, sisal rugs, wool area rugs and polypropylene rugs. The latter arises clean, simple to maintain, and very durable.

Tissue and Tissue Box Cover

tissue box cover

An essential bedroom item, tissues should be placed handy, so you won’t have to dig in through drawers or closet and create another mess. A suitable tissue box cover will do!

Functional and beautiful, these covers add a bit touch of style to the bedroom. They can be purchased in a whole range of resilient materials, which include rattan and bamboo.

Storage Boxes, Basket, Trays

Storage Boxes, Basket, Trays

Remember, your bedroom must be a place to unwind and relax, not somewhere you need to struggle with a clutter of clothes, toiletries, and shoes. Now, you can enjoy an excellent organization with storage boxes, trays and/or baskets. Use them for storing children’s toys, cozy blankets, home office supplies, and so much more! You can put them on tabletops and bookshelves for a decorative touch. Also, you can place them on the bottom shelves of your sofa tables or console to accept the item.

Telephone; Answering Machine


Plenty of home phones are accessible in the market, including corded, cordless, and nuisance call blocker.

  • Corded: Though not as famous as they were before, corded telephones offer a constant steady phone connection.
  • Cordless: Allows you to walk out of your room while on the phone.
  • Nuisance call blocker: It enables users to intercept all calls from unknown numbers while allowing their saved numbers to get directly to them.

If you want another alternative, answering machine is right for you. It comes in two types: analog and digital.

Television, Cable Box, Satellite Box

Cable box and satellite box both deliver television programming, but differs in more than ways.

Cable Box

Sacable box
  • Less likely to be affected by weather
  • More pricey than satellite box
  • Ideal for those who don’t want to commit to a long-term contract

Satellite Box

Satellite Box
  • Can be easily disrupted by poor weather
  • Cheaper in price
  • Available only in places where providers offer the service



The last on our list, a good nightlight not only boosts our mood, but it also makes us feel awake, alert and energized as well. The colour is the most important thing to look at when shopping for a nightlight. As per the experts’ study, the colour red is the best colour as it has considerably less proof of changes in the brain related to depression, and depressive-like symptoms compared to the white and blue light.

Peter Smith is a writer who has long experience in home improvement sectors. He has worked as marketing specialist fr various home improvment companies like pool builder, home builder, windows and doors supplier etc.

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