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Get Out into Your Garden This Holiday with These Fun Ideas

Get Out into Your Garden This Holiday with These Fun Ideas Posted on January 9, 2019Leave a comment

Many of us spend the holiday season indoors. Whether it’s in the house or in a hotel room, we tend to gravitate towards being indoors and watching the latest series on Netflix, listening to music on our devices, surfing the internet, scrolling through social media or just sleeping in. Instead of spending all your time in bed, why not go out into your garden and get some fresh air? It may seem more comfortable to spend the entire time in the house, but there are a couple of fun activities that you can carry out either by yourself or with your children, relatives or friends in your home garden. Some of these activities are listed below.


Gardening can be a fun activity to carry out as a group, especially with kids. Planting flowers together is a great way to spend quality time as a family while teaching the younger ones a few basic gardening tips. Trimming and shaping of bushes around the garden can also be done. Basic gardening tools can be stored in a garden shed such as a flat roof shed. They are taken out for use and returned thereafter for safekeeping and proper maintenance.

Arts and crafts projects

Anybody with little children in the house will tell you that they love arts and crafts. From drawing to painting or colouring, they love all of it. This exercise, however, can result in a messy area. Instead of doing it indoors, an outside area can be setup within a gable roof shed. This minimizes the risk of staining surfaces and objects around the house. It also provides an adequate storage space for art supplies. Art projects can then be carried out in the shed instead of indoors.

Build something

A work shed provides the perfect space to carry out projects such as building a birdhouse. For people that love building things, this is a great way to have fun in the garden area, constructing something small. A work shed is perfect for this because it houses all the tools and equipment required for such projects. It also provides adequate space for working on wood projects or any other minor construction projects.

Set up a playhouse

Most little girls love to play house during their free time. Playtime in the house can be quite a distraction and many times toys get in the way. Instead of using the limited amount of space allocated for playtime, set up a playhouse in a skillion roof shed where all the toys can be comfortably stored,and playtime can go uninterrupted for a while.

Pick fruits and vegetables

Picking fruits and vegetables that are currently in season is a great way to spend time with your kids and younger relatives. Kids love being hoisted up high on your shoulders and what time to do that than in the garden picking fruits from trees? Any fruits and vegetables collected can be put in crates stored in the shed for easier transportation to the house.


Why not turn your work shed into an outdoor gaming room? Equipped with a pool table, a play station setup and a few other indoor games, turning a skillion roof shed into a gaming room could be the perfect way to add a fun feature to your garden. A shed provides adequate space to accommodate a variety of games. These are just some of the activities that you can carry out in your home garden that provide a sense of fun and enjoyment. Whether done alone or with a loved one, they can be quite fun to do and a great distraction from the monotony of constantly staying indoors.


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