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Great ways to use marble in your home

Great ways to use marble in your home Posted on July 10, 2019Leave a comment


Marble floor tiles are a popular choice for use inside your home, whether you are renovating or building a new home, they look great, feel great, and when used correctly make a beautiful statement. Choosing where and how to use marble floor tiles correctly is the difference been a stunning room and a disaster.

  • Kitchen – Marble tiles look great, and the kitchen is a perfect room to use tiles, they can be used on your benchtop – rather than one big slab. If your kitchen has a stand-alone kitchen island marble tiles of a contrasting colour can be used on the sides of your island, to create a focal point in the room. One of the most obvious uses for marble tiles is as a splashback, it can create an impressive *backdrop* for your room and is also quite stain resistant. Marble as floor tiles also look fantastic. Your kitchen floor experiences not only a lot of foot traffic but a spill as well. Marble floor tiles are not very porous, which means they work well in both kitchens and bathrooms as they are resistant to staining, and don’t retain water. When planning your new kitchen why not choose a contrasting colour such as white floor tiles and grey or black for your benchtops or splashback, it gives your room a simple and elegant look that also provides lots of visual stimulation.
  • Loungeroom – marble is one way to wow your guests, a marble coffee table adds class and can help *tie together* marble used in a nearby kitchen. If you have a fireplace nothing makes a statement like a marble fireplace surround. Again, as marble comes in a range of colours, you’ll easily be able to find a fireplace surround or mantle in a colour that works well with your room. Match your fireplace surround with your floor, or opt for colours that are contrasting, black marble floor tiles with a white marble fireplace surround or vice versa. Even if you don’t have a working fireplace and have an ornamental fireplace, marble adds a warm touch that will be sure to impress your guests.
  • Bedroom – if you have a dressing table a great way to use marble tiles, or repurpose some more abundant off-cuts is to use marble as a top on small items of furniture, a dressing table, bedside table, and other small things – a hall table, lamp table, etc. If you do decide to use marble throughout the house, choose a *theme* first so that items that might be near each other have a similar look and feel, such as a coffee table and lamp table.
  • Bathroom – this is the room where a LOT of marble can be used, and it is the other *main room* in the house where people would *expect* to see marble tiles in use, from walls and floors to vanities and baths. Because it isn’t a porous stone, it works well in wet areas, where there are splashes and condensation. Popular colours to use in the bathroom include whites, creams and tan, and dark colours for contrast. Marble works well as a feature inside a shower, as a wall tile, and, as a floor tile. Larger pieces of marble can be used on bathroom vanities, and even stone basins – including handwash basins and bathtubs are available. These larger pieces certainly add to your room and can become quite a statement piece. Imagine, a free-standing marble bathtub being the first item a guest sees when they walk into the room.

Please note that marble isn’t for use in every room in the house, and tiles – especially when used on the floor should be sealed with a high-quality penetrating sealer. Choose non-slip variants in high traffic areas and always wipe spills up straight away.

Marble is a beautiful stone that has many uses inside – and outside your home, it adds a touch of elegance and warmth to any room and is extremely long-wearing. Once the domain of kings and queens today marble is used by home renovators and builders everywhere.

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