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HEATING OPTIONS FOR A SMALL APARTMENT Posted on April 4, 2019Leave a comment

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The cold temperature during the winter months brings with it the need for added heating in your apartment. Unfortunately, if you live in one of the less spacious houses, this could prove to be a challenge. This is because most heaters are designed to produce large amounts of heat and distribute it through a larger area, which works best when your home has more space. Installing such a heater is a bad investment since it uses up more fuel and does not justify the rise in your utility bill. It also produces a lot more heart than you require for the small space, which leaves your house stuffy and too warm.

When dealing with a smaller house, with heaters especially, you have to get one that is designed to work within a space that is as close to your square meterage as possible. Here are some of the choices available to you;


Lopi DVS GS2 Inbuilt Gas Fireplace

This in built fireplace is deigned to work in in smaller houses with no more than 140 square metres. It is a tine thing in comparison to some of the other models manufactured by Lopi, having specifically been designed and marketed as an economical heating source for your home. It is the tinier little brother to the Lopi DVS GS. Even with the small size, it still comes with all the bells and whistles that make it a worthwhile purchase.

It uses the Ember Fyre™ dual burner system to distribute heat evenly throughout the apartment. As standard, you get a Greensmart remote control for the unit, as well as the choice between multiple face options available. Accent lights come as standard as well. This whole system weighs as little as 55 kilograms, without any additional features. It is important to note that as with many heaters on the market these days, the Lopi DVS GS2 does not come with a flue in the standard kit. This has to be purchased separately and might require an expert to fit.


Regency GFI300L Inbuilt Gas Fireplace

This is another heater that is designed for small to medium sized apartments. The design is made to fit with most common fireplaces in Australian homes, as well as having a zero clearance, to allow it to fir into timber framed walls.

Regency tried to put as many useable features as possible on the standard model. It comes with a clear and bright enhanced log set through a ceramic glass. As standard, you also get a dress guard and an inner trim that is black in colour. This heater comes with an electronic ignition and a 3 speed fan to control how fast or strongly you want the heat distributed around your home. You can also get flame adjustment, and an RF remote control that has both a thermostat and a timer function.

Optional features for this heater include various inner changes such as a stainless steel inner trim, and reflective inner panels made of black enamel. You can also get a conversion kit from the natural gas kit that comes as standard, to either LPG or ULPG. You can also get a vertical clearance flue or a vertical chimney kit if you part with a few more dollars.



gas fireplace


Regency i31 Inbuilt Gas Fireplace

This is a one of the more popular gas heaters by Regency. The compact firebox is designed to fit into most fireplaces that are found in small and medium sized houses and apartments. This natural gas heater comes with realistic camp fire logs and embers, and a flame adjustment feature. The standard model is pretty basic with its two speed fan and ceramic glass.

The additional features offered allow you to customize and more to either the functionality or the beauty of the fireplace. In terms of looks for instance, you can have black louvres and a contour fascia installed with your purchase. You can even change the way your embers look with an upgrade kit, while at the same time getting and advanced RF remote control for easy operation. AN LPG conversion kit and a separate chimney flue kit are also available.





Lopi 564 GS2 Clean Face Inbuilt Gas Fireplace

Lopi has a tradition of manufacturing small yet incredibly powerful heaters, and this is one of them. It is exclusively designed to heat up small rooms, since it has a huge turn down rate. It is designed to give out just the right amount of heat for in spaces of between 90 and 120 square meters which means you can even install it in a bedroom comfortably.

It comes with a Greensmart 2 remote included as standard, as well as a dual burner system by Dancing Fyre™. It has two standard blowers and accent lights both at the rear and at the top. The visible glass is sizable, measuring 79cm wide by 46cm high. This type of heater is installed with zero clearance.

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