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Home Decor Trends in 2017

Home Decor Trends in 2017 Posted on June 21, 2017Leave a comment

Peter Smith is a writer who has long experience in home improvement sectors. He has worked as marketing specialist fr various home improvment companies like pool builder, home builder, windows and doors supplier etc.

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If you are one of those people who has just been out buying all the new marble and copper looking items you can find – you may not want to read on.

While it seems like it was just yesterday we were ringing in the new year and looking into the start of 2017, there is already a big change coming when it comes to homewares and interior trends.

Because we rely on social media and the internet so much, we are seeing everything *new* that is hitting the overseas markets long before they hit our shores. In the past something would hit big overseas, but we’d see it 6 months later, these days it has all changed…..

If you are building a new home or renovating an existing one – here’s what to look for (and what to avoid).


Home Decor Trends in 2017




  • Terracotta – warm materials like terracotta tiles are set to replace the currently popular white and cool tones. Unlike their predecessors in the 80’s terracotta tiles today will have a nice matt finish and be used as feature walls in bathrooms or for cladding fireplaces, they won’t be used as border tiles this time around. Keeping with terracotta tiles that aren’t rustic and have a matt finish will add warmth and character to rooms again.
  • Corkyes, cork is making a comeback! Cork is great for absorbing noise in large open plan homes while adding texture and warmth to spaces. Cork *could* be used on an entire wall in a home office and used as a giant note-board. Cork is used in coffee table bases in combination with stone tops, or, as a solid cork stool or side table.
  • Dark Greenshades of dark green are set to be the new *must have* inside your home. Dark green walls provide a great backdrop for rooms, in the bedroom it creates a nice wintery feel and is the perfect backdrop for brass lamps, natural linen and tan leathers. It can be used as a feature armchair or you can use dark green cushions as accents. It adds a feeling of depth and brings in colours from outside.
  • Upholstered Bedheads –  beds are changing this year and beds with upholstered bed heads are set to replace the timber style bed frames that are dominating the market now. Upholstered bedheads have been the setting of luxury in homes of the rich and famous and at high end hotels, and now it’s our turn! Whether you go for the plush velvet bedhead with buttons or the classic neutral colour a bed head is a simple and fast way to add instant glamour to a room, and to update it instantly.
  • Escapewe spend so much time with our lives revolving around technology so homes that have little nooks where you can escape are going to become increasingly popular. For those who spend a lot of their time in front of a computer, there is a need to spend more time where we can have calm and tranquillity. Some relaxing furniture and materials – deep sofas with linen slipcovers, day beds, floor cushions or deep wool knit rugs. Anything that relaxes you while you read a book or listen to music.

Hire a property styling professionals to find out what other else you need to renovate your house. A property styler usually has the experience to renovate an existing home according to your choice.


  • Copper – as a material it IS beautiful and will always be in style in one way or another, but the saturation of cheap shiny imitation copper just ends up looking like it’s trying too hard. It is set to be replaced by a more industrial look. Warm metals like rose gold, gold and copper will fade away with blacker steel and burnished metals taking over.
  • Marble – Marble has had its time, look for more raw and earthy textures like clay, wicker and timber.
  • Quote Artworks – these are now so cliché – after years of popularity all the *Keep calm and* and motivational posters have had their day.
  • Open Plan Living – homeowners are seeking more *private* homes. By incorporating kitchen, living, dining and even study’s or family rooms into one area homeowners are finding issues with noise and even cooking smells. The living, kitchen and dining areas instead could be located around a central courtyard  to break up that large open space.
  • Subway Tiles – they are now *everywhere*, the look is versatile and they are affordable however because you see them everywhere – even at the local café their popularity will decline. Your best option for that kitchen splashback is finger or *kit-Kat* tiles. These tiles are long and thin and look great in both vertical and horizontal rows.

Peter Smith is a writer who has long experience in home improvement sectors. He has worked as marketing specialist fr various home improvment companies like pool builder, home builder, windows and doors supplier etc.

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