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How Long Do Balustrades Last?

How Long Do Balustrades Last? Posted on August 23, 2017Leave a comment

How Long Do Balustrades Last

Balustrades are an attractive, affordable form of fencing that is easy to install and easy to maintain. While you can call professionals to do the installation for you, many balustrades Sydney can be put up on your own. All you need is the relevant parts, some tools, construction or carpentry skills, and a keen interest in DIY. It also helps if you’re handy around the house.

There are two main kinds of balustrades – metal and glass. Metal balustrades are made of metal railings. They’re available in a wide range of colours and styles. The poles can be round, square, or twisted, and there are varied options for the decorative capping at the top of balustrade rods.

The poles in a balustrade are called balusters. They can be made from stainless steel, wrought iron, or anodised aluminium. The metal is treated to prevent rust, and it’s also made resistant to dust and weather elements. Because balustrades are common for fencing swimming pools, many balusters can resist salt and chlorine.

Tubular balustrades call to mind the wood-lined patios that are common in suburban patios. For this reason, using metal balusters gives your fence a warm, rustic, country feel. On the other hand, glass balustrades evoke a clean, modern ambience.

For poolside use, metal balustrades are preferred. They need less cleaning than glass balustrades, which would probably get a lot of water marks. The metal poles fence off the pool securely while still giving a full view of the pool, which is crucial for homes with little ones and pets.

While glass enclosures would give the same level of access for poolside supervision, the extra cleaning needed to keep them spotless can be a deterrent. Plus, there’s always the worry that swimmers will run into the glass.

Wherever glass is used in décor, whether it’s a French door or a glass wall, safety becomes an issue. There’s genuine concern about people cutting themselves on the glass. This issue doesn’t arise with balustrades because they are made from safety glass.

The next question is exactly how long balustrades last once you install them. This depends on a variety of factors. The glass sections of balustrades can last indefinitely unless they break. They range in thickness from 6mm to 10 mm, which makes them quite durable.

In many glass balustrades, rubber bushing is used to attach the glass to its frame. Rubber is affected by heat, including sunlight. It can also be damaged by cleaning solvents used to maintain the glass sections of the fence. For this reason, the rubber may need to be replaced a few times over the lifetime of the balustrade.

Balusters are quite durable as well. The main factors that damage metal are oxidation and weather conditions. Moisture and humidity can corrode metal, making it physically weaker and more susceptible to mechanical damage. However, balusters are made of reinforced metal.

The reason metal balustrades are given additional strength is they are most often used in swimming pools and balconies. They are also quite common in seaside towns and lakeside regions. The sunshine, humidity, and moisture in these areas can deeply affect any metal, so balusters are customised to withstand it.

All balusters are powder coated or anodised, to protect them from weather damage. Alternatively, they are made from stainless steel which is weather resistant and doesn’t corrode. The structure of balusters adds to their strengths.

The poles are placed close together to avoid body parts getting stuck between them. The proximity of these poles gives the balustrades extra integrity so that they can support the weight of anyone that leans on the balcony. Glass balustrades are strengthened using metal frames as well.

If your balustrade is well installed, it can last indefinitely. However, be sure to check it for any damage, and clean it once or twice a month to prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime which might compromise your fence’s longevity.


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