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How Our Windows Can Help Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

How Our Windows Can Help Keep Your Home Warm This Winter Posted on June 1, 2017Leave a comment

How warm is your home during winter? If you have a house that’s littered with lots of windows, then you might find that your house gets really cold. The reason for this is that glass is an excellent conductor of temperature, meaning that you can lose a lot of heat (that would otherwise have been kept in the home) through your glass windows. It can also put the heat into the home during summer which really heats it up, too!

So what sets our windows apart from these windows that are making our houses colder during winter? Well, it’s the glazing that really matters when it comes to energy efficient windows.

Double glazing

What on earth is double glazing? Well, it’s the technique by which you have two panels of glass with a small air pocket in between. Traditionally, windows were only made with one pane of glass, which meant that heat transferred through it quite readily. By adding a second pane and a gap of air between them, it drastically lowers the transfer of heat through the glass – making them an effective insulator during those cold winter months.

Windows can now be made with these double glass fittings so you can install them just like you would any regular single pane glass window.

Thermal glazing

Thermal glazing is another alternative for a well insulated home that still has a large amount of windows. Thermal glazing is a special type of glass that is built for energy efficiency. This glass can be used in single pane windows, or in double glazed (two pane) windows. For single pane windows, the thermal glazing is 39% more energy efficient that regular glass, and for double pane windows, you can expect that it is 68% more energy efficient than regular double glazed windows.

Both of these products are great news if you are in a cold area, or really feel the cold during winter. At Doberman Windows and Doors, we have both of these products ready to go in a huge variety of sizes. NSW temperatures can get mighty fresh, so it’s important to consider if you are building or renovating a home or business premises. If you currently have single pane windows that are not thermally treated then you are bound to not only notice the difference, but make some big savings on your heating bills over the winter months.

Stop by Doberman Windows and Door to see what we have on offer. Our store is full of window and door options to suit all different types of homes and businesses. Our professional staff can help you to choose the best windows for your premises, and guide you through why you should choose to shop with us.

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