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How To Achieve The Rustic Look

How To Achieve The Rustic Look Posted on August 15, 2018Leave a comment

How to Achieve The Rustic Look

Wood flooring is not only a classic choice amongst homeowners due to its sustainability and beautiful look, a hardwood floor is considered a lifetime product that adds high value to the property. While colour is often the first thing people think of, texture has become more and more important in interior design. When it comes to texture options, vintage flooring has been the latest trend to due to its simple and natural look. Rustic style is an unpretentious look and typical for country homes as it creates a cosy and warm atmosphere, but can also be combined well with modern furniture to give a rustic accent. Even though rustic wood flooring can come across boldly due to its organic texture and natural finish of scrapes and marks where no board appears the same, it is also very elegant because of its simplicity.


These floors are often sought for because of their unmistakable character and architects and flooring companies have come up with many variations on the vintage theme.


As the demand for antique wood has been on the rise and the supply only limited, recycled boards become increasingly rare and difficult to find. This is why flooring companies have come up with different solutions to accomplish that rustic look with cheaper, mechanically distressed boards to achieve the rustic look by using new floorboards that have undergone a process of ageing. We have put together some options for you to achieve the rustic look and make your home even more gorgeous.


How To Achieve The Rustic Look Sydney


Reclaimed Wood Flooring

One of the popular and sustainable options to achieve the rustic look is reclaimed wood flooring, also known as antique flooring and a unique, durable and sustainable way to put the old wood to use. Recycled flooring boards are usually salvaged from demolished buildings and very often pine planks are used but a favourite species amongst homeowners is reclaimed oak due to the durability of the material, its rustic look and the nutty gold and brown tones of the wood.


Distressed Wood Flooring

As recycled wood flooring is harder to get nowadays and therefore a little expensive, there are other ways to achieve that rustic look. One of the most popular options is watermill distressing, which will then get sanded to achieve variations in colour and display the original saw marks on the boards for the authentic vintage look in the flooring.


Hand-Scraped Wood Floors

Hand scraping floorboards brings together the past and present of hardwood flooring and the process makes each plank appear rustic and natural. The handcrafted look is absolutely unique and individual, as the long, ingrained scrapes, scratches and marks on the wood will show in each board and give your home an artisan touch and lots of authentic personality.


Multiple Width Wood Floors

The mixed width look can be soon in older homes such as farmhouses and barns. Wider planks create a more unified look with fewer joint lines, but as our eyes love both detail and the unexpected, this unique look is often chosen to create a rustic atmosphere. Mixed-width hardwood floors combine multiple width boards and can be assorted in patterns or randomly.


Brushed Wood Floors

A popular choice for families and homeowners with pets are wire brushed hardwood floors. When wire brushing a hardwood board all the sapwood will be scraped away from the plank, leaving only the hardest wood which makes this kind of flooring very durable. The brushing lends the boards an aged, distressed look as it displays accented grains and has a rough texture. The unique style also hides new scratches.


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