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How to Choose a Dining Table Size for Your Home

How to Choose a Dining Table Size for Your Home Posted on October 8, 2021Leave a comment

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The dining area is one of the most critical spaces in a home. It’s where you share meals with guests and also catch up as a family.  The space varies depending on the overall architectural design of the house.

Standard fixtures fitted in dining room spaces include sinks and countertops. Elegant chandeliers and lighting fixtures also accentuate the look. However, the centrepiece is the dining table. Without it, a dining room lives short of its name.

Dining sets come in various sizes, colours and designs. You can get anything from a wooden dining table to a glass table set. Here is a simple guide on how to choose a dinning table size for your home.

Your Preference Comes First.

Always choose furniture pieces that appeal to you. Whether it’s a leather lounge, a mahogany bed or a glass coffee table, don’t compromise on your preferences. After all, it’s your home.

However, it’s good to look at different furniture options before settling for one. For dining sets, you can look up online furniture store catalogues, Pinterest designs and do some window shopping to expand your options. You may come across an unconventional design that appeals to you.

You can also consult interior designers and explore different dining sets. However, the buck stops with you.

Size of the Space.

It’s crucial to install furniture pieces that fit the floor space to avoid cramming. For example, an eight-seater dining set is an elegant piece, but it is sure to limit comfort in a small dining area. Therefore the dimensions of the dining area determine the size of your dining set.

Factor in movement within the space as you take your measurements. Ensure the dining set leaves enough room on the edges for users to move freely between meals without interruptions.

The Shape of the Space

Dining tables come in different shapes; rectangular, circular, oval and square. Rectangular tables best fit rectangular dining spaces. The design is congruent with the floor space and maximizes sitting space and comfort.

Square tables and circular dining sets fit well in square spaces. However, the circular dining table has a better feel in a small space since it makes the sitting arrangement cosy.

An oval dining table is also a popular option for rectangular dining areas. The rounded edges give it a unique appeal, and it can fit more people than a rectangular table despite the reduced surface.

Additional Furniture Pieces

Aside from dining sets, dining spaces often accommodate additional furniture like storage cabinets and stools.

Stools are popular in dining spaces with adjoining open kitchen plans. The countertop that separates the two spaces offers a great area to set up stools for breakfast dining. As a result, the size of the dining set is limited to accommodate the extra dining space.

A storage cabinet is also a great addition to a dining space. It can hold utensils, cutlery and other dining paraphernalia. Moreover, it enhances the styling of the dining room. Nonetheless, fitting a storage cabinet and dining set into one space requires a good size selection. Big pieces will make the space crammed, while small pieces will leave a lot of dead areas. Therefore, choose an appropriate combination.

The Number of Users.

When sizing a dining table, you must take into account the number of users. If the table is meant for a big family, a large rectangular or oval table is the most appropriate design. However, if you stay alone in a studio apartment, you can get away with a small dining set.

As you pick a set for your dining area, you must size it right. The perfect fit offers the best feel and function.

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