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How To Maintain Your Garden Shed

How To Maintain Your Garden Shed Posted on January 8, 2020Leave a comment

Garden Shed

The garden shed is an integral part of your garden, so properly maintaining is essential. Regular care for your garden shed will ensure that it serves you for a long time and keeps your tools safe. The maintenance tasks and frequency involved depend on what material your shed is made from and the climate in your region. Here are a few tips for you to maintain your garden shed better.


The most basic way to maintain your garden shed is by cleaning it. Just like you clean the rest of your home, you must clean your shed as often as possible. You can find tools easier and spot potential issues quicker in a clean shed. If you’re storing items in the shed for an extended period, ensure that they are cleaned first. This will limit mold and fungi from growing and spreading inside the shed.


Proper airflow in your garden shed is crucial because it prevents mildew buildup which slowly rots wooden sheds. If your shed is storage for chemicals like paint or gasoline, inhaling them could make you sick. Proper ventilation will keep your shed in pristine condition and protect your health.

Treat Your Wood Shed Regularly

Cold and wet weather affects wood, so you must treat the wood with a high-quality mixture of either an oil or water preserve. The quality treated pine garden sheds will last a long time. Ensure that you treat your shed every 12 months, especially on the onset of cold weather.

Check Regularly for Mold or Rust

Depending on whether your shed is made from wood or metal, you must check it regularly for mold or rust. Finding these issues early will help you fix them quickly and easily. The longer the rust or mold remains, the harder and more expensive it will be to fix. Eventually, you may have toreplace your entire shed.

Pay Attention to the Shed Doors

The door hinges are the weakest part of the garden shed; therefore, they require the most care. Intruders can easily remove the door from the hinges if it’s not secure. You can replace cheap hinges with galvanized steel and ensure that you lubricate them regularly. Alternatively, you can opt for garden sheds that come with the option of a sliding door that is more secure and long-lasting.

Know When to Quit

You should not keep repairing parts of your shed that are unsafe. It’s not worth it to try saving money while holding on to rotting boards that may eventually cause a severe accident. Know when it’s time to let go and buy a new garden shed.

A garden shed is an investment that you should enjoy for years. Regular maintenance by cleaning, checking for damages, and lubricating metallic fittings will ensure that your shed is in tip-top condition for a long time. Ignoring these maintenance tips will make maintenance issues hard to fix. Worse still, you’ll have to spend more money replacing a shed you could have saved.

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