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HOW TO MAKE YOUR LOUNGE SPACE LOOK LUXURIOUS Posted on April 6, 2022Leave a comment

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For many, the home is a sanctuary, a place where you can relax, hide away from the world’s difficulties, and be your true self. A homeowner’s interior design often matches their personality, making the home’s décor a clear indicator of a person’s likes and dislikes. But what happens when you prefer a luxurious look but don’t have the budget capabilities to match?

If you are dealing with ‘champagne tastes with beer budgets’, here are a few simple ways to make your lounge space look luxurious without breaking the bank.

Use Simple Styling To Your Advantage

Sometimes, in trying to execute a chic aesthetic, you may go overboard by including so much that your space looks over-accessorised and cluttered instead. Therefore, it may be better to start by simplifying your furniture collection and remaining only with the essential pieces. This elimination will allow you to highlight other décor aspects while shrinking your budget.

Opt For Large Art Pieces

Large artworks can effectively serve as beautiful focal points that draw the eye and maintain interest. In addition, their size alone makes them sufficient for a particular space. That means that one piece within an area will be enough, rather than multiple spots. So you can use a thrift store find or a DIY triumph with the same effect and at similar low price points.

Include a Stylish Sculptural Piece

Shape is one of the most important fundamentals of interior design. Using different shapes in strategic places can dramatically affect a space’s aesthetics. So, adding a unique shape in the form of a sculptural piece can help to elevate your space and make it feel more opulent. Consider purchasing an unusual chair or coffee table to complement your room to get that effect.

Incorporate Different Types of Textiles And Textures

Using a mix of materials and textures will make your space appear more luxurious. Therefore, try putting aleather lounge together with textiles, metal, wood and glass elements to create a dynamic yet inviting space. Finally, please don’t force it. The pieces you select must come together naturally so that the room doesn’t feel contrived and overworked.

Textiles can also play a significant role in creating a luxurious feel within your space. For example, you can customise using antique materials to cover accessory pieces like throw pillows or footstools. Alternatively, a rug made of unusual fabric can create a similar feeling of luxury.

Add a Historic Element

In interior design, history is often synonymous with luxury, wisdom and agelessness. Therefore, adding a historical element to your décor by selecting an antique piece will afford you the elevated look of prime space. Some of the best options in this regard are aged accessories like mirrors or lamps. You can find reasonably priced options in stores or flea markets around you.

Disguise your TV

Unfortunately, technology sometimes takes away from a luxurious aesthetic rather than adds to it. Therefore, your TV, and its placement, may be a hindrance. But you don’t have to get rid of it. Instead, you can minimise its visual presence by adding some artwork around the appliance. This incorporation will help the device blend in, thus reducing its prominence.

Creating a more luxurious feel within your living spaces doesn’t require a lot of expense. Rather, a creative approach whose emphasis lies in simplicity will get you the improved space you desire and allow you to enjoy a more elevated aesthetic.

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