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Ten Tips From Well Known Female Grillmasters

Stereotypically, we associate men standing over burly flames of the bbq. While it is true that from a public chef perspective, as well as optics, there are more male grill masters but there are plenty of women grill masters too.

Grilling meat and barbecuing aren’t just a man’s game anymore.

We capture tips that pack a lot of detail from some of the world’s best women grill masters.


Flat Juicy Burgers?

Ever had beautiful red beefy patties be diminished to tiny meatballs on the grill?

The key to stopping burger shrinkage is to simply flatten the meat before you place it on the grill.  By flattening your meat into a patty, this guarantees a burger that will actually fit your bun.



Skip The Lighter Fluid

We get it.

You don’t have a lot of time to prepare the meal.

Heating your grill is simply one thing you don’t want to rush on.  While lighter fluid accelerates things, it is harmful to your food and yourself when consumed excessively.  Take your time and heat your grill up properly on high heat while allowing the coals to reach an ashy white color.

Instead of soaking your entire meal in lighter fluid, ball up some paper and put it inside a charcoal chimney starter, place the charcoal on the starter and light it up.  At this point you are activating the charcoal instead of letting the lighter fluid activate everything. Or go with easy lite charcoal, it takes half the time of regular coal.






Foil Packets

Foil packets are a way to keep things tidy and neat and non-messy on the grill.

For grilling veggies, chop up some seasonal fare and throw it in a homemade foil packet.  Make sure you coat the veggies in oil and season them well.  After prep, throw the foil packet on the grill and allow the magic to happen.

Even non vegetable lovers will love the taste of the smoky vegetables.





Don’t Forget Your Vegetables!

Adding fruits and vegetables to your grill can introduce additional oils that cut down on your meats sticking to the grill.  Also, adding fruits and vegetables when the coals are about half grayish, can mitigate the oily taste some experience from time to time using charcoals.

And let us not forget the obvious benefit of vegetables, they are simply nutritious and a way to balance the meal after preparing tons of meat.

Oil It Up

Use a cotton towel or an old t-shirt to oil your grill grates.  Oiling the grates will prevent sticking and burning of your meat.  You want to give your grill the cast iron treatment!


Flavored Wood

There are two parts to this wood business we’d like to cover when it comes to barbecue trends throughout the years.


Apple Or Peach

Use fruit trees as contents to light your fire for the grill.  The molasses and syrups from the fruit trees will introduce unique flavors to your food.




Is It Done Yet?

Use a meat thermometer to check on the temperature of your food to ensure its cooked thoroughly.

After the proper temperature ranges are met, just break off a piece and try it!


Drain The Contents

Be sure to drain your meat whether its seafood or other types of meat (beef, chicken, etc.).  Draining the meat of marinade and drying it a just a tad will produce a sear when it makes contact with the grill.  In addition, you don’t want the marinade making contact with the flames because this is how rogue flames occur.


Grilling Fish

Always get fresh fish.  Don’t buy frozen fish for grilling.  For a more special occasion, get whole fish to harness massive flavor.

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