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Living Room Colour Palettes for Winter

Living Room Colour Palettes for Winter Posted on July 15, 2020Leave a comment

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The warm weather has kept us outdoors, being one with nature and interacting with family and friends. But as the weather slowly drops we retreat to our homes, cosying up in front of the fire with a warm cup of tea trying to catch up on the book you had abandoned when summer was at its pick. The grey skies can dampen our moods, but we can make the cold season a little better by making our home a little more inviting.

For some of us the changing weather is always a perfect excuse to change up a few things in our homes, probably have some seasonal flowers and some winter decorations that will channel that feeling of cosiness. Why not explore the different ways you can warm up your living room this winter with these sophisticated decors and colours?

1. Throw in some black and warm fabric

The colour black has been known to be a bold colour but still a classic décor option, especially during the cold months. When you pair this bold colour with some warm fabric like fur and velvet in your favourite colour; like yellows, white or a warm red, will immediately create a luxurious retreat for you to hibernate for the next few months.

2. Try some neutral colour and smoky purple.

The cold months make it a perfect time for you to embrace the cooler hues in your decor, try and incorporate some grey and purple to give that beautiful calming finish. And when you layer some neutral colours, it will easily make the space feel warm and fresh.

3. How about an earthy feel?

Consider having a tonal pallet that has incorporated the earthy textures, some browns and a touch of green, then explore the use of warm metal tones to ensure you starve off the cold months. This kind of combination in your bedroom immediately calls for cosying with a hot pipping bowl of yummy ramen.

4. Try the lighter tones in colour.

How about exploring some creamy tones in your living room and the metallic accents, we have to agree, the use of winter white colours in your décor is definitely the height of cosiness. All you need to do is splash some greys and creamy tones, not forgetting the metallic accents to make the finished look irresistible. Layering the different colours and textures is vital when creating a warm feeling in a room.

5. Some silver, cream and toasted walnut is the way to go.

If you are looking for an elegant look in your powder room, these are colour combinations to consider. This pallet goes well for the intimate spaces in your home, consider this a small treat that you can enjoy in just small portions. With the neutral colours, it allows you to use as much glass or crystal or even detailed pattern within the space, making it look like your small winter wonderland area.

6. Some iron-red and cool neutrals create the perfect effect.

Suppose you are into neutral colours how about adding a pop of iron red to your theme. The layering of these two colours immediately brings a sense of warmth to your living space. To take the décor to the next step throw in some lavish textures and subtle patterns; you can explore the use of animal prints or some velvets. It will immediately give you that reminder of springtime is around the corner.

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