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Living Room Makeover Tips

Living Room Makeover Tips Posted on November 11, 20191 Comment

Leather Lounges

The family room is the heart of every home. It is the best place to relax and spend time with family and friends. Ideally, this room should provide a relaxed environment and showcase your taste, as well. You need to choose every fitting carefully – from the painting scheme to the type of furniture.

The following are some of the top living room makeover tips you need to consider when renovating your home.

Section the Room

You should use your furniture to divide your room into sections and create a multipurpose living space.  Using space optimally is a vital aspect of interior décor, especially in the living room.

The seating area usually comprises of a coffee table placed on top of a rug and surrounded by your preferred seats, such as leather lounges. It should be separate from the dining area, workspace, and kids’ play zone. You should always look to balance between functionality and using space wisely.

The Return of TV Units

Over the past few years, people had an obsession with mounting TV sets on their walls. Well, it appears that this trend is gradually fading away. Although mounting TVs on walls saves spaces, it limits you when you want to reorganize your living room furniture.  This explains why TV units are slowly making a comeback to our living rooms.

Decorating with Indoor Plants

Adding green plants can significantly improve the atmosphere in any living room. You can choose from anything between small cacti to large potted plants to add life to your sitting room.  Even better, you can use it in abundance or minimal amounts and get a substantial effect.

Compact Side Tables

Another clever way of freeing up space in your living area is by using small side tables. Most people are now using metallic side tables to add style to their living rooms. If you want something unique, you can go for a glass-topped side table with metal frames.  You can also save space that would otherwise be occupied by bookcases and signboards by using dual-purpose side tables that have drawers.

Wall Lamps

Many homeowners are now favouring wall lamps over other light fixtures because they save a lot of space.  Modern options offer a range of covetable styles while still maintaining the classic look of traditional lamps. You can also choose from the different types of finishes, including the much-revered glossy finish.

Skip the Coffee Table

If your living room space is limited, you can do away with the coffee table. Adopting such a peculiar approach not only makes your home outstanding, but it also ensures that you get the much-needed space.  For instance, you could use a movable ottoman as an alternative to the standardcoffee table.


As seen above, most of the living room décor ideas focus on maximising space. With homes becoming more expensive, it makes sense that homeowners are looking for ways to use space effectively. If you implement these tips, you no longer have to worry about using space ineffectively.

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  1. I like all the ideas except the one skipping coffee table. I am not quite sure why you did not add this in your plan. It is true that if you have small space it is better not to add any coffee table but for bigger space, it can be added.

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