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Maintaining your weighbridge

Maintaining your weighbridge Posted on February 21, 2019Leave a comment

How to extend the weighbridge lifecycle

A weighbridge is a costly investment that has a high ROI.

Industries from all over require load validation and different compliancy stipulations to ensure accuracy with material reporting.

Weighbridges range in cost, starting from the cheaper above ground weighbridge options to the most expensive in ground weighbridge types.

It is important to protect your investment by planning ahead and preparing a maintenance plan for your new weighbridge, in addition to the manufacturer recommendations.

We cover ways to extend the life of your weighbridge but for even more information, you can refer to a company that offers total turnkey services to keep your weighbridge at optimal condition.

 Why Maintenance is Important

A weighbridge is critical for industrial operations as they can have a huge impact on the business profitability of companies.  Weighbridges can be considered the point of sale spot as materials are bought and sold and profit and/or loss is all measured and reported at the weighbridge.

With that being said, it is important that the scales are always functioning properly and weighing accurately.  Yes, one can and should have a maintenance plan with a service provider but there are different things you can do to maximize the life of your weighbridge.

First, buy a high-quality weighbridge, next, get maintenance plan that will come check out your machine every six monthsat minimum.

Visual Inspections

Visual inspections are key, and something you and your team can do every single day of operation.  Depending on the frequency of use, your weighbridge will experience serious wear and tear, especially if the industry is something like logging or graveling, or transporting livestock.  Climate, volume, and axle loads are all factors in the type of inspection you will perform on your weighbridge.

 Maintain the Weighbridge

Make sure you keep your weighbridge and the surface clean and clear of debris.  The weighbridge should be drained routinely and cleaned to ensure accuracy and consistent performance.  The top deck surface should be inspected and the areas beneath the bridge should also be cleaned to prevent dirt buildup and other issues like misalignment.

Debris or even ice buildup between the scale modules must be inspected and removed. Even paint coating and anti-rusting coating conditions should be observed over time. Be sure to look out for excessive corrosion, especially if you live by water.  Excessive corrosion could ultimately cause machine failure.

Maintain the Load Cells

Load cells are critical parts of the weighbridge system. Regularly examine your bridge’s load cells and surrounding areas as dirt and debris can accumulate and effect the performance.  The dirt can specifically bind the scale deck and prevent the load cells from moving freely, interfering with the signal output.

Water is a common culprit when it comes to load cell maintenance as water can get absorbed through cabling.  Wet load cells can bring on electrical problems to the entire system, introducing costlier repairs down the road.


Maintain Electronics and Junction Box

Monitoring the electronics of your weighbridge system is extremely important.  Typically, junction boxes and the electrical system get moist from internal condensation.  This can happen due to the environment or even normal air exchanges from the seasons.  Unfortunately, excessive washes from maintenance can cause condensation, so be mindful and vigilant for your sealing components that prevent water leaks.

In addition, always be sure to speak with the manufacturer and a qualified electrician to check on electrical grounding issues with the AC/DC transient protection.  Verifying the ground system of the AC power supply is important to monitor using a multimeter routinely.

Maintain Software

Just like your standard computer at home, routine software maintenance and upgrades are typically required for control systems weighbridges.  Check with your manufacturer to ensure that you are subscribed and configured for all future software updates and patches that will keep your system free of bugs.

While the initial investment may be daunting, it is vital to the longevity of your profitably and operations that you look into turnkey service providers that can take care of everything from top to bottom.

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