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Modernise Your Home with Glass Fencing

Modernise Your Home with Glass Fencing Posted on January 25, 2017Leave a comment

A Modern Material

Modern glass fencing can be strengthened in a number of different ways. It is no longer something that breaks easily. During manufacturing, the external surfaces are under a form of compression and the inner surfaces are in tension. This is done by tempering, using heat processing, and by chemical means. Lamination is also sometimes used.   The other technological development is that glass can now come in larger sheet sizes. Because of these advances in material technology, glass fencing has become a reality.



 It is widely used in balustrades, balconies, fencing around swimming pools, around stairways, and open spaces in hall ways. Yes, if you want to be updated on modern fencing, glass fencing serves as a major substitute for traditional fencing as well. The panels are held together by secure sprockets.  These use either stainless steel or anodized aluminum. Both are corrosion resistant and can take the load of the glass.  This also makes assembly of the glass fence panels a lot easier. Taking balconies as an example, the glass fencing can be organized in frames, partially in frames and without frames.



 Glass fencing can be added to the end of a garden. This would obviously enhance security because breaking through modern glass is not that easy.  It is also easy to clean and maintain.  A really important feature is the design and aesthetic appeal of modern glass fencing.  It can reflect the sun going down in the evening.  You can see through it as well.  If you are overlooking the sea, the glass fence will give you an uninterrupted view across a bay. Alternatively, you may have mountains in the distance, which you can see clearly now through the glass fencing. Again, because you can see through the glass, you can see anyone entering your property. This would not be possible with a traditional fence. This is an added security feature.



You have two options.  You can call in an experienced company with the know how to install glass fencing. Alternatively, you can attempt to do this yourself (DIY). However, unless you are confident and feel you can manage this on your own or with a bit of help, it would be a lot wiser to call in a professional company. This glass fencing is a relatively new material technology and it will need experts. However, you will have to do the following steps before inviting along a specialist company.

The first step is to closely examine the site.  Look closely to see what the potentials might be, but also take note of any problems.  These could be obstructions, uneven surfaces, or problems with the ground.

The second step is to take measurements.  This will give you an idea of what glass and other fittings you might need.

Even so, you would be better off in bringing a Glass Fencing company to do a proper survey.

Installing glass fencing would be a wise decision. It will enhance your entire property and also adds value to it. Give us a call now.


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