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Options for Security Fencing

Options for Security Fencing Posted on August 26, 2017Leave a comment

Options for Security Fencing for Your Home

In many ways, it’s rather *sad* that security fencing is becoming so popular, sad because for many business and properties it has become a necessity. No wants want to look like they are living – or hiding behind huge fences that end up looking like a prison – and – very uninviting. Thankfully there are security fencing options that can protect your business and property, while still making a statement about your building – a fence that lets everyone know you are well protected, but at the same time is welcoming to your customers. There are 3 main types or styles of security fencing available which give you your choice of 3 gauges – light, medium and heavy. All three are suitable for commercial and rural properties, available in a range of designs that will suit your budget perfectly.

There are 3 main advantages to installing a security fence around your property – be it rural or commercial they are:

  • Privacy
  • Appearance
  • Security

When you own and run your own business security is without a doubt the main and best reason for having security fencing installed. Depending on the type of business you own and run, privacy may also be an issue for you. If you need some gates installed then the type of fencing and its appearance depends on a range of factors, but thankfully for business owners and property owners alike there are a range of fencing options, that can define your property’s boundaries to let others know that where they are, or where they want to go is private property.

Of course, privacy and security are the top two considerations when having a new security fence installed, but, if you run a business, you also want to add to the appearance. How the fence looks and feels is a huge consideration. Installing a nice-looking security fence accomplishes two things at once – #1 – it keeps your property safe and #2 it gives your business or property *curb appeal* to increase the value of your property.

Given the three above factors that influence your choice of designs, there are three styles of security fences and gates that meet these 3 options perfectly – security, appearance and privacy.

Chain wire mesh fencing

This is a woven style fence that is usually made of galvanised steel wire. It is generally used on properties that are working with a strict budget. Chain wire mesh fences have a familiar diamond pattern with wires running vertically that are bent into a zig-zag pattern.

This type of fence is suited to industrial areas, playgrounds and sporting fields. It is well known for its durability, and ability to withstand the wind – thanks to its zig-zag pattern. Repairs and maintenance on this style of fencing are easy.

Weld-mesh fencing

This style of fence is perfect for agriculture, transportation areas, buildings and sporting areas. Weld mesh fencing has been designed to be difficult to climb and hard to vandalise. It is easy to install and is a great choice for any terrain with a design that is adaptable. This style of fencing is a great option for those wanting high security and the ability to add security lighting and security cameras to it.

Diplomat or Vanguard fencing

This is a popular fencing choice for those living on private properties that want some extra security, or for commercial properties that want to add to their safety – thanks to the *spear like* top. It still possesses great curb appeal and looks great around schools and office buildings. The design of this fence makes it look friendly and inviting to customers or staff while it still has all the factors that warn would-be intruders to keep out.

Security fencing is available in a range of designs and functions to suit your budget, from government buildings, offices and property owners to developers and home owners a quality security fence is designed to keep you and your property or business safe.


Options For Security Fencing


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