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Outdoor Entertaining Hacks For This Summer

Outdoor Entertaining Hacks For This Summer Posted on January 11, 2019Leave a comment

Outdoor Entertaining

Summer is here and it’s time to take out the barbecue and call some friends over. Summertime makes for the best time to catch up with friends and bond with the family over some tasty steaks and well-prepared ribs. With the right equipment, you are guaranteed to have a fun-filled barbecue. The clear skies and warm afternoons make an outdoor space the best venue for a summer barbecue. However, many people don’t know how to spruce up the yard to make an entertaining space. The tricks are simple. Get the correct equipment and the right layout and you have the best outdoor entertainment area for an afternoon or evening barbecue. Try the following tricks and see your outdoor space transform.


Invest In Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor spaces are normally looked down upon, but they offer stunning lounging alternatives when hosting friends or family. Redesigning your backyard by providing sitting areas is the first step in making an outdoor entertainment space. Shelta seats are sturdy and durable enough for outdoor spaces. They are comfortable and look stunning. Considering you are going to be eating from outside, Shelta also provides quality outdoor dining sets. If you are going for a more classic look, there are numerous options including a table and bench sitting arrangement. The Shelta Casia 3 piece bench sitting option is a beautiful alternative for anyone looking for a rustic outdoor sitting layout. If you are all about comfort, there are numerous lounging seats that come with cushions for extra comfort.



Outdoor Entertaining


Get The Best Grill

You cannot have a barbecue without a proper grill. There are numerous barbecue models on the market and picking one may be a daunting task. Luckily, contemporary models rarely disappoint, and any model can match up to the requirements of a summer barbecue. Bigger is better especially if you have a large family but you can get away with medium sized barbecues that can handle multiple cooking cycles efficiently. If you are looking to make an investment and get a good barbecue for your summer get-togethers, here some of the top grills in the market.


The Weber Ranch Kettle

When it comes to outdoor grills, the Ranch Kettle is as big as it gets. It’s the largest barbecue kettle in the world with a 6900cm2 cooking area. The unit is a crowd favourite with a remarkable performance that is not easily replicated. The Ranch kettle can cook a whole lamb in just under two hours. The kettle lives up to the Weber BBQ name with its sturdy design and unique features. The Ranch has a heavy-duty steel frame, crack proof all-weather wheels and locking casters. The ash catcher is made from porcelain coated steel and allows for easy ash disposal and cleaning. The nylon handles are glass reinforced. For your cooking tools, you get tool holders and the unit comes with 10 aluminium drip pans. To add icing to the cake, the Weber Ranch kettle comes with a ten-year limited warranty. You can only get it in black and it’s a worthwhile investment.


The Weber Genesis II LX E340

When barbecuing meets technology, you get the Genesis II LX E340. This is a contemporary gas barbecue with stunning features and unique functionalities. The grill employs the GS4 cooking system. The system has four main components that make barbecuing more convenient and enjoyable.


  • GS4 Burners

The burners are designed to deliver constant gas pressure along the entire burner. As a result, the grill is evenly heated with no cold spots.

  • GS4 Infinity Ignition

This is a durable ignition system that is bound you a lifetime. The system is consistent and features upgraded materials. All the sensitive materials are moved away from the heat of the barbecue ensuring they last longer.

  • GS4 Flavorizer Bar

Specially angled bars are installed above the burner allowing juices and fat to fall safely past the burners. Flare-ups are entirely avoided with this unique system. The fat that hits the bars smoulders to form smoke that accentuates the barbecue taste.

  • GS4 Fat Management System

Fat fires are a big inconvenience to barbecuing. The GS4 fat management system ensures excess fat and debris is directed away from the heat into a disposable drip tray below the cooking area.


The Masport Barbecue

When it comes to premium grills, the Masport Ambassador is among the best barbecues in the market. It is a bulky unit with six burners, a cooking plate, side trays, and a 240v stainless steel rotisserie kit. Despite the complex design, all the features are simple and convenient. The underhood grill lights allow you to check on your barbecue in poor light conditions. The grill is natural gas ready with jets pre-assembled.

To finish up your outdoor barbecue set up, add some subtle music with an outdoor sound system or a simple portable speaker. Moreover, introduce a board game or a fun game for everyone to engage in as the meat gets ready. A good crowd and tasty meat are recipes for the perfect barbecue. Your summer barbecues are bound to be entertaining with these simple additions.


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