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Outdoor Heating Options While The Evenings Are Still Crisp

Outdoor Heating Options While The Evenings Are Still Crisp Posted on March 3, 2019Leave a comment

Outdoor Heating

Are you looking to spruce up your yard now that the sunny days are back? Most people are running towards conventional options, like installing a pool. And you still can. It’s boosts property value and can be a good summer attraction. But there’s one thing that’s even better than an afternoon swim – and that’s an evening by the fire, under the stars. The nights are much warmer now, and as long as your neighbourhood is low on mosquitoes, outdoor dining can be an exquisite bonding experience, and you can do it every day.

Your outdoor furnace can be a BBQ, if you want to do some cooking. Or it can be a ‘heated table’ for food and conversation. You can buy something with or without a cooktop, based on your requirements. And of course it matters whether you want a wood burner or a gas griller. Electric heaters are a possibility, but only if they’re portable or if you have electric sockets to power them (extension cables and moist grass may not play well together). Let’s look at some viable versions of heating for your outdoor space.


Backyard Dinner Table

Outdoor furniture is a convenient addition to any home. It can withstand weather conditions and provides additional entertainment space. You could work at the table when you need some peace and quiet from the family. Or you could sit with a hot drink or a chilled beverage and breathe in the crisp evening air. Your outdoor area can also be a cosy space for meetings as well, mixing the pleasant with the professional. A Regency Fire Table is a good way to facilitate this. It comes in three sizes for coffee and cocktails, with chairs sourced separately.

The tables have a porcelain surface with stainless steel burners in the middle. The surface itself can also be powder coated UV bronze or stainless steel. Flames are embellished with volcanic stones, crystals, or ceramic driftwood logs for added realism. The fire lights electronically and is powered by gas. You have an option to encase the fire itself in a glass frame, protecting it from the wind. If the flames do go off though, the table has a safety valve that automatically disconnects the gas supply.



Outdoor Heating


Build A Fire Pit

If you like to work with your hands, and if you want a ‘wilder’ feel, you could opt for a fire pit instead of a fireplace. You can construct it yourself, or buy a portable model from the ‘fire store’. Fire pits can be as simple as a concrete hearth to contain your logs, mimicking the ‘three stones’ cooking style of indigenous societies. Or it could be a portable unit that runs on gas / electricity / charcoal. Brick and stone fire pits offer rustic appeal, and are easy to construct. The down side is you’d need a consistent wood supply, and wood fires sometimes give off smoke, sparks, and ashes, so they’re messy to maintain.

Gas fire pits can look as charming as wood fires, especially if you accessories the flames with faux burning media. You can use artificial driftwood, ceramic logs, crushed glass, glowing embers, or designated crystals. Plus, your fire lights in seconds, emits hardly any fumes, and you can cook over it if you like. Some gas pits come pre-assembled, so you can pick a shape and style of your choice, as well as a preferred fuel source. You can also pick a size that suits your back yard – the pit doesn’t need to be very big.


Outdoor Heating

Picture Perfect Pizza

Yes, you can make pizza in your back yard and keep warm at the same time. Zesti Pizza ovens look like shiny metallic igloos, and they come pre-assembled and ready to cook. They’re made out of insulated stainless steel, and they use wooden logs to fire them up. They also have a flue system for ventilation, and a roasting door for moister cuts. It’s not a permanent fixture, so you can install it in a rental and take it with you when your leave. You can build a slab for it – the steel body makes it zero clearance so it’s safe on a wooden platform. Or you can put it on a trolley and tug it back indoors when you’re done.

Ordinarily,Outdoor pizza ovens Sydney are made of clay or brick, so they offer up a woodsy appeal. The Zesti has a more contemporary feel because of its metallic finish, so you can combine it with an outdoor kitchen set-up. Throw in an external sink, storage cabinets, and a mini fridge. If you’re ambitious enough, you could even buy a home brewing kit and lose your weekends to home-made pizza and craft beer. Pure bliss. Enjoy!


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