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Outdoor Play Equipment for Kids

Outdoor Play Equipment for Kids Posted on March 19, 2020Leave a comment


Everyone, including adults, love to have a little good time outdoors. For kids, time spent outdoors is usually priceless. This is not only fun but also positively contributes to their physical and mental wellbeing.

Other than these apparent benefits, outdoor play equipment allows Kids to socialise with other kids.

In this article, we have put together a set of outdoor equipment for kids that you should consider for your child.

1. Image Spider Web Swing

his playset comes with adjustable nylon ropes that give you room to modify the length of the swing. The seats are made from steel and come padded with ethylene-vinyl acetate, which makes it extra comfortable for the kids.

You have the option to hang your swing on a tree or have a swing frame made for you. If you choose to use a tree, ascertain that it is strong enough to avoid the risk of accidents.

It comes with screws and a wrench that makes installation easy. Detaching it is also easy, allowing you to store it and keep it safe, especially during spells of harsh weather.

 In terms of safety, this swing is ideal for kids above two years. An adult should be there to help them get on and off the swing.

2. Iron-kids Kids Outdoor Playground

This playset is made of powder-coated steel and comes with two swings, a monkey bar, a trampoline, a slide, as well as a partial canopy that provides an adequate cover for the swings and the monkey bar. 

Outdoor playground is an excellent place for kids to have fun while exercising and developing muscle. They will also get an opportunity to socialise. Adult supervision is highly recommended as some of the features in this set are ideal for older kids.

3. Getting a Sandpit

Sandpit play is the best opportunity for young kids to have fun with their friends. Babies get a chance to explore different textures, something that helps them in developing their motor skills.

4. Cubby House

These are miniature houses meant as safe places where kids can play or spend time with their friends. It should be installed close to the main home in the backyard. And should be located somewhere within your sight so that you can monitor them as you do other things in the house.

This is an excellent place for kids to socialise as they role play and have fun.

5. Some Slides in the Backyard

As kids grow, they require physical and mental stimulation. A slide is a great way to aid in both physical, as well as psychological development in your kids.

Slides come in numerous designs; some are straight, wavy, parallel, and others are designed like a tunnel. They are usually one of the most popular playsets for kids while still offering numerous benefits.

These include promoting your child’s balance and coordination.  By going up and down the slide, the child is engaging in a critical exercise that helps them develop balance and coordination skills.

At the same time, your kids will get an opportunity to promote balance and coordination: As children grow, before they can independently enjoy the rush of the ‘slide,’ they usually need to climb to the top. When a child climbs up a slide and successfully positions and pushes themselves down the chute, they are building valuable balance and coordination skills.

Additionally, it helps your child to develop spatial awareness when they make a judgment call on things, such as when to slide, when to put feet down, etc.


Outdoor play is something we cannot overemphasise its importance. Kids will accrue lots of benefits of using outdoor play equipment. We are confident that from this list, you will get something that suits your kids.

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