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Why People Love Stainless Steel Balustrades

Why People Love Stainless Steel Balustrades Posted on March 23, 2017Leave a comment

Peter Smith is a writer who has long experience in home improvement sectors. He has worked as marketing specialist fr various home improvment companies like pool builder, home builder, windows and doors supplier etc.

Balustrades Sydney

Balustrades Sydney


Top 6 reasons for why we can’t get enough of stainless steel balustrades

There are lots of balustrade products on the market that can work with your home, but one that has grown immensely popular in recent decades among homeowners is stainless steel.

Once regarded as an unattractive, industrial product only suitable for commercial properties, stainless steel now bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor living spaces; creating a seamless continuation when it comes to design.

So what are some of the reasons why you should consider stainless steel the next time you consider renovating or extending your home?


Stainless Steel Works With Lots of Material Options

Stainless steel is one of the few materials that can be combined with others to create a bespoke, stylish look.
For example, lots of homeowners are choosing to renovate their decks and verandas of their waterfront properties by combining steel with timber. One of the most popular designs feature a timber frame top, that’s perfect for leaning, and a series of stainless tension wire for the panelling. This combination of material allows the property to retain its cosy look and feel while providing a much-needed update.

Similarly, steel and glass can be combined to create a strong, safe balustrade that maximises views for landings and pools.


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Offers Unobstructed Views

Stainless steel combines safety and security without obstructing views. Perfect for decks and pool areas, stainless steel tension wire allows air and light to circulate unencumbered – perfect for parents and hosts who need to keep an eye on their kids and guests.

Lots of homeowners are opting to replace cumbersome timber balustrades with stainless steel options to open up otherwise closed house fronts and brighten previously obscured windows and living areas.


Easy to Maintain and Clean

Unlike glass, which needs regular washing down with soapy water, or timber, which needs annual painting or treating to prevent drying, cracking and splintering, stainless steel doesn’t need nearly as much maintenance.

Stainless steel requires only a minor wash down every quarter, or more if the balustrading is located near a pool, to remove residue that causes dulling and rusting.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the local climate and environment. Properties in coastal areas are prone to accelerated corrosion. When over exposed, timber can be reduced to a crusty and creaky mess without proper care, and it can also pose an issue for stainless steel. Without regular washing down, stainless steel can develop what is called “tea staining” where a brownish mottling comes through the metal. This is easily fixed, but does require a sharp eye to prevent spreading.


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Inexpensive Option

Compared to many other products, stainless steel is a relatively inexpensive product to install and maintain.

In addition, with its easy maintenance, strength and resilience, stainless steel is an economical product that homeowners love year-in and year-out.


Resilient, Strong and Versatile

Able to withstand extreme weather, complimentary to pool and spa areas and able to be styled to suit specific design needs, stainless steel is among the most versatile options in the market.

Stainless steel posts can be configured to work on slopes and unique areas to form a strong and resilient barrier no matter what your property requirements. In fact, many architects create outstanding designs that combine practicality with beauty using this highly versatile product.


Can be Used Inside and Outside

Lots of newly designed homes use stainless steel for staircase bannisters, balcony balustrades and decking to create a cohesive and consistent design theme without unnecessary expense.

Suitable from a safety factor, and loved for its beauty, stainless steel is becoming a staple product for designers and architects.

Peter Smith is a writer who has long experience in home improvement sectors. He has worked as marketing specialist fr various home improvment companies like pool builder, home builder, windows and doors supplier etc.

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