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Why People Love Their Weber-Qs

Why People Love Their Weber-Qs Posted on October 27, 2017Leave a comment

Love Their Weber

Is there anything more Australian than the good old Aussie BBQ? While those silly Americans think that we’re always “throwing another shrimp on the barbie” we all know better. Shrimp? What the? “That’s a king Tiger prawn mate, and don’t you forget it, they cost a bomb at the caravan down by the river, and they were already out of crays and bugs… Don’t even talk to me about it!”

Have you got a Weber? I have. And it’s the pride and glory of my backyard. I love flipping burgers, steak, snags, marinated chicken, massive prawns, and even veggie patties for my vego and vegan friends on it. I love having a barbie to really bring everyone together. You know, it doesn’t matter if we’re just having a casual Sunday arvo at home, or a Christmas feast, it always comes in handy.

We’re lucky in oz, cause we have good weather almost year round. You can have a barbie in Summer, Spring, Autumn, and even on a good winter’s day, especially if you’ve got a good outdoor heater or two to keep the crew warm. Think about how the poor folks feel in Slovenia when the weather drops to minus 40 degrees. I mean, what the? That’s even a temperature? Unless you’re somewhere seriously cold in Australia, you don’t see a temp below zero. I never even saw snow until I was 30! Shout out to Mount Hotham, while, we’re here!

I’ve had plenty of barbeques over my lifetime. The old crappy one I bought at Bunnings for under a hundred bucks that lasted exactly one summer. I’ve spent more on Bunnings snags over my lifetime than I did on that baby. The hand me down from my folks. That one was pretty good, but it was a bit too big for my backyard, unfortunately.

Aussie BBQ

Well, anyway, I finally managed to scrape the funds together to get my very own home. I know, impressive, right? In the current house climate? Well, truth be told, it’s not exactly a house. It’s an inner suburbs two bedroom apartment, but I am very proud to be the owner of it myself.

So, because my place is an apartment and I love barbequing, I was faced with quite the conundrum. I’ve got a balcony, but it’s not one of those sweeping, massive, affairs. There’s enough for a table and chairs and some pot plants maybe, but hey, not a whole heap more.

What am I going to barbeque on? Well, guess what? My folks, clever people that they are, and who know about my love of a good barbie, got me a Weber Q one birthday. Those guys are seriously the best and know me so well.

My little Weber Q sits perfectly on my little outdoor table and allows me to still barbeque like a king but in a much smaller space. I can get my roo steaks and chickpea burgers on without a worry in the world. The Weber Q works like a beast but with a super small footprint, which is why it’s perfect for people like you.

And you know what? The trend is catching on. My friends, being around the same age as me and looking into the property market – well, we all want to live in the inner suburbs. The outer suburbs we’ll get to maybe, once we start popping out kids and such and want a backyard to muck about in, oh and maybe once we have enough money for it. But for now, we’re all kind of doing the same thing. Inner suburbs apartments, flats, and such. Barbeque fiends but what kind of barbie fits in a place like that? Well, my Weber Q does. So, Ben and Cas have bought one. Angie has bought one. Phil and Tommo both have one too.

The other awesome thing about the Weber Q series is their price point. Hey, anyone can afford one of these! They’re cheaper than the latest PlayStation and sure to cause a lot fewer fights around the home. If you’re looking for a gift for someone with an apartment and a big enough balcony, well, then you can’t go past the Weber Q. They’re even perfect for that person who is constantly switching houses, they just pack up and go. Usually, you’ll have to sell your barbeque and buy a new one when you get to the new place, just because it’s a right pain to move it.

So, you don’t have to trust my word for it though. Check out the Weber Q series and have a look for yourself. They even have bigger family models if that’s more your thing. But be warned: once you get one, you might just be out there singing their praises to anyone who’ll listen, just like me.

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