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How Does Pest Control Work with Your Pets?

How Does Pest Control Work with Your Pets? Posted on April 17, 2018Leave a comment

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Pest control is an essential part of maintenance to your home. Pests such as termites can be detrimental to your home and diminish the structural integrity. Pests can also spread disease and vermin and must be dealt with immediately.

Unfortunately, pest control sprays often contain chemicals that could be harmful to your family pets. Pets may be affected by these chemicals depending on what’s used. Certain measures should be taken to ensure that your family pet is safe and sound. Unfortunately, pest control is an unwanted necessity, however there are steps to take to minimize the risk of your pet becoming affected by the chemicals used to rid your house of unwanted guests.

Use a professional service

Residential pest control should be undertaken by a licensed professional and in no way should be attempted at home. A pest control officer has undertaken specific training and is informed on the safe use of chemicals to ensure you and your loved ones are safe and sound. Remember safety first, second and third. Below is a list of things to be mindful of when vanquishing pests from your home.

Call your local professional pest control for an inspection. They are professionals and are specifically trained to identify and deal with whatever problem you have at hand.

Always communicate with your pest controller and inform if you have pets or children and he will suggest preventive measures to be taken. A safer alternative may be available in certain scenarios.

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Dealing with pets and pest control

Always ensure that all dog bowls, chewing toys, or anything that your dog is liable to chew or play with are removed from the house before spraying occurs to prevent contamination and the need to throw them away in the future. If your pet is of the feathered variety, he may be more susceptible to the chemicals and it might be an idea for it to have an overnight holiday at the mother in law’s home. Fish tanks should be sealed and covered if they cannot be physically removed, to prevent the poisoning from killing your aquatic best friend.

The family dog or cat can often mistake the base used for control as a chew toy so extra care is to be taken and family pets removed or isolated from baited areas.

After the pest control has taken place, always make that the area is well ventilated. It’s a good idea to open the windows, doors and turn on any fan available. This will speed up the process of removing the chemicals from the atmosphere in your house.

After the job’s done

It’s inevitable that once the pest controller has done their job, casualties from the chemicals will be in your place of residence. This is dangerous for your pets. To avoid a trip to the vet, always check your house thoroughly for any dead pests that can be consumed by the family pet. Look under any low surfaces, such as the fridge or lounge as pests have a tendency to find secluded, out of the way places to breathe their last breath.

After you have ensured the area is safe for re-entry and well ventilated, it is a wise option to do a safety check before allowing your animals and family back into the home. A great technique is to start at one end of the house and spot check each room thoroughly to ensure the area is risk-free and safe for your family to access the house.

For more information

Most information can be obtained from your local pest control experts. Material Safety Data Sheets or MSDS’s are information on the chemicals and information on the risks involved in using the chemical and how to treat someone that has been affected. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and reading an MSDS is a great way to keep yourself informed when it comes to keeping your family safe. Communication is key and the pest control professional will safely access your problem and find the measures and means to get the job done to maximum efficiency so the pests die and stay dead.

Whether it’s residential pest control or commercial pest control, safety measures are must when it comes to ridding those unwanted pests from your building. Keep your pets and children safe by communicating with your local pest professional.With his expertise and knowledge you will be sure to come up with the safest and best method for ridding your home of pests. Although the poisons used are generally low in concentration, safety is paramount and should be taken seriously to keep your family safe. Certain procedures must be taken for a variety of situations.

If you suspect you have pests in your house, don’t hesitate call your local pest control professional immediately. Dealing with the problem sooner rather than later can save you time and money and reduce the damage done by these unwanted visitors.

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