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Some Play Set Modules to Consider for Summer 2017

Some Play Set Modules to Consider for Summer 2017 Posted on October 24, 2017Leave a comment

Some Play Set Modules to Consider for Summer 2017

Summertime is nearly everyone’s favourite season, and for us Australians, summer means Christmas trees, beach barbeques, pool parties, and maybe a house full of friends and extended family. Since it’s warmer, happier and brighter, everyone is ready to go outside. You have adults to feed and little children to entertain. Have you explored safe ways to keep them occupied? What’s the plan?

Of course, one idea would be to send the kids to the park and watch them very closely, because we know the statistics, and it’s just not as safe as it used to be. One way to keep your kids safe is to bring the park to your house. Buy outdoor playground equipment that are age appropriate. This means the playsets are specifically designed for their stage of physical, mental, and emotional development. Since kids of different ages share playsets, the playsets are often equipped with sections that stimulate different interests and activities within a single unit.  Here are a few suggestions.

The Backyard Discovery Safari on Cedar Wood playset swing set

Don’t let the name deter you. This playset has five different slides. Four are straight, and the fifth one is wavy. Two longer slides are placed at different heights to accommodate a variety of comfort levels. The daredevils can go higher up for a longer, more exciting ride. For the beginner, or the younger, gentler child, the smaller slide offers just as much fun while still promising a good slide.

The fifth slide is wavy and has raised sides which ensure that your child is safe. The aesthetic value of this playset makes it a firm favourite. Its architectural structure resembles a two storey house, allowing elaborate imaginative play. It has a tan wooden exterior with green fastenings to create that safari feel. The playset has windows so that the children playing house in the upper level can be easily supervised.

A final feature of this playset is the rock climbing wall on one side of the house. In case there are more children waiting for a turn to play, or if they just need to rest a little, there are seating provisions under the house. This playset can accommodate almost 15 or more children and is recommended for children between the ages of 3 to 10 years. It comes with a 5-year warranty on the wood components and 1-year warranty on the non-wooden parts.

Gorilla Playset

This particular playset entertains your children while enhancing the beauty of your backyard. It is made of a reddish, burgundy colour that makes the greenery pop out and blends into the bright summer sky. It has a three-swing set, a rock climbing wall, a monkey bar, and a trapeze bar.

Of the three swings, two are regular swings, and the third is a shaded tire swing. This Gorilla Playset is recommended for children aged 4 months and older, and it can accommodate upwards of 10 children at any one time. It comes with 3D assembly instructions which make it that much easier to set up.

The Galleon Playset

Everybody loves to play pirates, and the Galleon Playset facilitates seaside play on a grand scale. If you have a beach house, it will be right at home in your yard, but it can be equally aesthetic inland. The contrast is beautiful, and will fully immerse your children into their maritime adventure.

The Galleon is shaped like a massive ship and has fall heights of up to 1,500 metres, so it does need supervision and is intended for bigger kids. The ‘ship’ has many crawl spaces and masts, making it a good spot for hide and seek. The rope detail is good for rope play, and the bright colours and careful design is a fun way to teach kids about various boat parts.

The Galleon also has a colourful slide and steps. It uses and ocean-based colour scheme of deep blues and sunny yellows, evoking a bright seaside day that is perfect for the beachy Christmas mood. The Galleon is part of an adventure series that includes playsets based on castles, farm activities, fire trucks, lorries, trains, bridges, and even a submarine.

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