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Pool Colours to Consider

Pool Colours to Consider Posted on December 10, 2017Leave a comment


Getting a pool installed involves a lot of decision making. How much do you want to spend? Where is it going to go? Above ground or below ground (or semi-above ground)? What shape is it going to be? Saltwater or chlorinated? One of the decisions that you probably hadn’t yet considered is what colour you’d like the base of your pool to be. That’s right, the base colour of your pool affects what colour the water will appear – and how it will look in the surrounds.


All pools are blue…

Due to the way that light works, all pools are going to appear as if they have blue water if they have a white base. Not only this but the deeper the pool is, the deeper the blue appears, too. The way the colour of the water appears can be affected by changing the colour of the lining of the pool, so this is something that you need to consider before going ahead with your pool, too.


Stone based pools

Stone based pools will generally be available in light colours. This may be a pebble bottom – either in a light cream or yellow. If you have a light colour lined pool, then you can choose a darker surrounds and coping if you wish. The contrast between the two will make for an eye-catching effect. You can also go for the more traditional lighter surrounds if you’d like, too.


Vinyl based pools

With vinyl pools, you have a lot of choice in the colour of your base, as vinyl can come in pretty much any colour. This means that you could have a white vinyl base which will make the water appear a new turquoise blue, or you could have a deep blue vinyl base to make the pool water appear much deeper and darker.


Pool tiling styles

Different styles of tiling will have a different effect on how your pool looks once it is finished. Fully tiled pools will have a far different look than a mainly concreted pool bed. The actual tiles that are used will also make a difference. You will have noticed in pools that they have an interesting colour pattern array in the tiles – generally going from a dark or light blue colour through to a white tile. This difference in tile colours in the array is what will help to make your pool look like it is glittering or sparkling. If you are after that glittering or sparkling look, then you might like to consider going fully tiled.


Pool surrounds

Like we mentioned earlier, if you have a lighter coloured pool, then you can opt for darker surrounds for that contrast. Otherwise, pools generally are surrounded by like stone like limestone, etc. The colour of the surrounds of your new pool is just as important as choosing the colour of the pool itself – perhaps even more so in a lot of cases.

Pool lighting

You can also affect the colour of your pool by adding lighting effects like lights in your pool. Some people like to go for coloured lights in their pools which can give a striking effect, especially when they are turned on at night. Obviously, if you have the lights on during the day and your pool in out in the direct sunlight, the coloured lights won’t affect the colour of the pool very much. However, it is something to think about if you would like to showcase it at night. The more significant in number and the stronger the lights are, the more striking the effect of the lights will be.


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