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Pool Trends to Watch in 2018

Pool Trends to Watch in 2018 Posted on November 26, 2017Leave a comment

Pool Trends to Watch in 2018

Pool trends have changed over the years in Australia. While it was once all about the long, rectangular swimming pool, times have changed, and we are seeing new, fresh designs pop up. IF you are thinking about getting a new pool in 2018, then check out swimming pool the trends that we will be watching in 2018.


Saltwater continues its rise

Saltwater pools have been available in Australia for many years, and the number of people now choosing saltwater pools instead of chlorine is on the rise still. Saltwater installations have dropped in price since the early days, and homeowners are choosing to go for saltwater instead for all the benefits they carry over chlorine. Saltwater is less harsh on the body, and you don’t have to be purchasing and dealing with the dangerous chemical chlorine.


Limestone surrounds make for landscaped perfection

When we are buying pools now, we are buying them not just as the pool itself, but as a greater plan for our outdoor area. We want the whole area – not just the pool – to look as amazing as possible. Limestone is a particularly attractive choice for pool surrounds. The natural grip of the rock makes it the perfect non-slip surface so that no one is slipping over while getting into the pool or walking around it. That and that limestone looks beautiful as a fresh, light coloured rock to fit in with your landscaped area.


Lap pools are great for adults

Traditionally, it was only households with children that would be super keen on getting a pool installed, however, the times have changed. Now plenty of child-free households are looking to the benefits of adding a lap pool as another form of in-home exercise. An outdoor lap pool, especially when heated, can make for a great form of in home exercise. The cardiovascular effects of swimming every day ensure that our bodies remain happy, healthy, and free from injury. Lap pools can also be installed in areas where there is not as much width available as you would need with a regular pool.


Naturally curved pools are good with lush gardens

When a garden is a highlight of a backyard, filled with lush greenery, then you want your pool to match. Square or rectangular pools are fine for where you have a lot of brick or tile in your area, with straight lines, but if the garden is a highlight of the yard, then a curved pool works much better with the aesthetic features of your yard – which is why naturally curved pools are in vogue. Work with the natural lines of your garden and choose a new pool that fits in with your existing garden.


Who wants a waterfall?

There is something so relaxing and gorgeous about the sound and look of running water. And while it might seem like a little bit of a luxury feature, there’s no beating adding a small waterfall to your pool. A waterfall can course over rocks, cascading down into your pool, and provide a beautiful feature. Waterfalls will need to be maintained properly to ensure they are functioning correctly. These are usually put down the deep end of the pool, in one corner, and surrounded by tropical plants – what could be more beautiful than that?


Infinity pools

Spurred by a million different Instagram pictures, infinity pools are definitely on the hot list for swimming pools in Australia. There are some careful guidelines that you’ll need to follow if you want to install an infinity pool so remember to check with your state laws first before you set your heart on getting one of these babies at home.


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