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Protecting Your Furniture from Your Best Friend

Protecting Your Furniture from Your Best Friend Posted on February 20, 2019Leave a comment

5 Tips to Keep Your Lounge FUR Free


Man’s best friend.


We love dogs and they love us back.  We love cats and they love us back.  It doesn’t matter what kind of pet you have, as much as they fill us up with love, they can also fill our living spaces up with angst.


Keeping hair and scratch marks off of your lounge can be a daunting task.  In fact, not many of us succeed because something is bound to happen, especially if your pet is teething in its baby phase.


It takes time, effort, and money when it comes to “pet proofing” your home.  However, doing this guarantees the comfort of both you and your furry friend.


Here we try to share the best practices on keeping your lounge disaster free from your lovely pet.


Some of these tips are preventative because preparation and pet proofing furniture is key!


Keep Your Lounge Furniture Free

1. Keep em’ Trimmed

Pets need manicures too believe it or not.  At least if you plan to keep some decent looking furniture around they do.


Keep the claws of your pets well-kept and cut.  By keeping them short, you can prevent painful situations for your beloved pet as the longer claws can chip and break off.  Hey, you cut your nails, don’t you?


By keeping your pet’s nails trimmed, you can prevent costly accidents from happening to your furniture.


Furthermore, you can prevent accidents happening to your pet’s health by maintaining proper hygiene.


 2. Just Spray It

It’s fairly well known that some pets don’t care for citrus flavors and scents.  We have seen success in spraying citrus scented air freshener on our lounges that actually turned away some pets from lounging.  Doing this can give you a sense of control when figuring out your tolerance to where your animal will take extended comfort in the home.


If you find that your pet loves sleeping on your favorite chaise, it’s time to douse the chaise with the best lemon fragrance money can buy.


 3. Keep Toys Near the Lounge

Dogs and cats often bite and claw at furniture due to boredom, teething, or a need to expend some energy.  Having pet toys nearby your most prized furniture piece isn’t a bad idea at all.  Assess if your pet is a biter or scratcher and purchase a toy that fits their style to effectively divert him from destroying your lounge.


You can find a plethora of toys that meet your pet’s standards while also keeping your beautiful furniture free of nail claws and unsightly marks.



 4. Buy A Nice Pet Bed

Another way to reduce the amount of time your pet spends on your lounge is to get them a bed of their own!  You will have to teach them how to use it and train their behavior of course.  This will allow for better fur control and general reduced wear and tear on your furniture.


A lounge cover is a good idea too if you are open to it but it’s totally understandable if you don’t want to cover a new high-end décor piece with a huge cloth.


Either way, make sure its machine washable and that it possibly matches the color of your pet for lesser visibility.


5.Brush Often

Outside of scratches and tears, pet hair embedded in your new leather lounge is an exhaustive part of pet ownership.  Hair is everywhere, all over your gym clothes, your kitchen environment, and you even bring hair to your workplace.  Brushing your pet weekly, sometimes every other day will do wonders in decreasing the amount of shed hair that lurks all over your furniture.


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