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A Qualified Roof Plumber Is Important

A Qualified Roof Plumber Is Important Posted on January 2, 2018Leave a comment


Most people think plumbers are all about blocked toilets and leaking sinks. There’s a whole other kind of plumber though. He’s the one you call when you have a problem with your roof. Regular plumbers can fix ceiling leaks, but roof plumbers have turned roofing into an art.

They can crawl into your attic and insulation to identify and spot water damage. They can advise you on all matters related to your roof, which we all know is the most important part of any house. So whether you’re renovating an abandoned building or putting up a new construction, be sure to have a roof plumber in your crew. Here are few more reasons why.

Effective roof installation

Some construction companies prefer to place the roof over the building shell, to prevent rain and other weather conditions from damaging the site. Others prefer to wait until the last stage before they install the roof. Whichever pattern you follow, it helps to have a professional roofer.

It may seem like a simple task, but doing it wrong can be disastrous. There are certain factors roofing plumbers will consider that other construction workers might not. For example, they can install the roof in the right direction for maximum rain collection. They can place the gutters at the right angle, saving you millions on repairs and wastage.


Identifying and repairing leaks

Residents rarely spot leaking roofs until it’s too late. By the time they realise there’s a problem, the ceiling has patterned patches, and the floor has drips, puddles, and unwanted indoor pools. A roof plumber can spot a leak early and knows the best way to fix it.

If you had used a plumber to install your roof, he knows where to access the leak and how to repair it in the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way. He/she will know how the waterways are connected, so he’s a far better option for your roofing repairs. They can also advise you on whether it’s worth doing a repair job or just installing a new roof.

Keeping your gutters in good order

We don’t pay much attention to our gutters, not until winter when there’s suddenly brown water running down the sides of the house. Gutters serve two functions. One, they lead water into rainwater tanks, reducing wastage and giving us a resource we can use on a rainy day – or rather, a non-rainy month.

The second thing they do is guide water off the roof. If gutters aren’t working properly, more water stays on the roof, where it can pool and cause leakage. When your gutters are filthy, you may be unsure if you should call your plumber or your gardener.

Roof plumbers are your best bet, especially if they installed your roof. They go beyond clearing away the leaves, dust, murk and debris. They can clean the gutters, repaint them, and even re-align them for better water conservation. This might be necessary if strong winds or torrential rain displaced the gutters without you noticing.

Maintaining rooftop tanks

As water storage becomes more common, modern construction projects often include a tank on the roof. In bungalows and suburban homes, this roof could be on the surface of the house. In other designs, the tank is hidden within the ceiling to stop it from being an eyesore. This type of in-roof tank installation requires a roof plumber.

If any issues arise later, it might help to get the same roof plumber, since he already knows how the pipes were laid. Even if you can’t reach him, a trained roof plumber will have an easier time locating the necessary pipes and resolving the problem. Beyond tanks, roof plumbers can also solve issues with broken boilers and gas lines.

Getting rid of asbestos

Older roofs were made with asbestos because it was a good insulator. However, modern science and detailed studies have shown asbestos can be harmful to human health, causing breathing problems and harbouring potential carcinogens. A roof plumber can inspect your roof and test for the presence of asbestos.

If any is found, the plumber can safely remove the hazardous roof and replace it with something safer. Ideal solutions include Zincalume and Colourbond. Both these materials comprise corrugated steel reinforced with zinc, silicone, aluminium, and protective paint.

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