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Roller Shutters: Can They Be Pretty?

Roller Shutters: Can They Be Pretty? Posted on November 28, 2017Leave a comment

Roller shutters

Yes, they can!

Roller shutters have been designed as an external *add-on* to a window to let light into a room, or to keep light out. They are a shutter that is composed of very thin horizontal slats or bars that are hinged together to create a jalousie window effect. Using rollers these shutters can then be raised and lowered.

Today roller shutters are a modern approach to traditional household curtains, they are there to protect and to control light. Perfect for baby’s rooms, bedrooms, and rooms/windows around your home that could be targeted by thieves as a good break and enter entry point.

Traditional Household Curtains

It doesn’t really seem all that long ago that roller shutters were only being installed on industrial and commercial properties for security. They were bland, big and bulky and the only thing they had going for them, was the fact they kept intruders out. Times have certainly changed, and the roller shutters available for residential properties – units, villas, flats, granny flats, free-standing houses etc are both very stylish and practical – they are a great addition to your home.

Apart from looking good, roller shutters are being used everywhere, there is bound to be a house in your street that has roller shutters installed. So, what makes roller shutters a great choice for your home?

  • Security today’s roller shutters are a lot lighter and a lot less bulky than they have been, but they still give you the exact same level of security. Even when the rollers are fully closed, with the range of designer colours that are available, these shutters won’t detract from the appearance of your home. You no longer have to sacrifice style for security.
  • Thermal Insulation the roller shutters on the market now provide excellent thermal insulation. If you have windows that face the sun, simply lower the shutter and you block out the UV radiation, and, in summer – you keep your house cooler. In cold weather if you have your heating on, the shutters can help prevent some of that heat escaping.
  • Acoustic Insulation – most shutters on the market today provide some form of sound insulation, while some have been designed to dampen outside noises to tolerable, or almost inaudible levels. Perfect for those working odd hours, or, if your home faces a very noisy road, a school, railway lines etc, you can shut some or most of those noises out.
  • Fire Protection – If you live in a high fire danger area roller shutters are often compulsorily. If you live in a moderate fire danger area installing roller shutters is a great thing you can do to protect your home. If you and your family need to vacate your home quickly – those roller shutters might actually be the difference between saving all or some of the valuable possessions, you have had to leave behind.
  • Easy To Use – if you think that roller shutters are heavy and hard to open, even impossible to move if they have been installed for a few years, you are thinking of a time, long past. Manual roller shutters today glide easily, smoothly and with very little effort, motorised shutters come with a remote control and just like manual roller shutters they glide quietly and smoothly.
  • Versatility – today you can have roller shutters installed basically anywhere. There are stylish indoor shutters, that some homeowners use as room dividers for multi-purpose living. Outdoors roller shutters can be used as patio enclosures or you can use a roller shutter door to connect your patio to an indoor room.
  • Style – probably the only thing that has been putting you off installing roller shutters is their perceived lack of style. Today roller shutters are far from being an eye-sore and they are aesthetically pleasing, they add to the appearance of your home, and they also add value to your home.

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