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Selecting the Right Stone Around Swimming Pools

Selecting the Right Stone Around Swimming Pools Posted on December 31, 2020Leave a comment

A pool is an excellent addition to a living space. It raises the property value and enhances the aesthetic appeal of a home. However, making a decision on which stone to use around the pool can be difficult. Here is a guide to selecting the right stone around your swimming pool.


Looks are everything when it comes to pool decks. The stone laid around the pool should enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. This can be achieved by different stones. Granite is an excellent choice that performs well on aesthetics. The stone is available in a wide variety of colours ranging from grey to white. Moreover, granite has a natural sparkle only unique to the stone. Bluestone also has a conspicuous look with different shades available. Travertine is another excellent choice available in an array of colours. The stone has unique natural veins and shades. Other stone options include limestone, slate, flagstone and sandstone


The finish on your pool deck has a lot of bearing on looks and functionality. Surface finish is a top priority for any paving around your outdoor space. The pool deck requires an installation with a non-slip finish. Considering spills are inevitable around the pool, a honed paver is not a good choice for the pool deck. Textured finishes perform well and are safer around the pool. Flamed surface finish offers the highest grip for granite while bluestone has the best traction with a sawn surface finish. Tumbled finish is another option available for travertine pavers


Pool decking is a labour intensive process. Installation of natural stone around the pool requires a lot of preparation. The ground is initially prepared to form a strong base to hold the pavers. Bedding sand is often added to level the surface. Grout and mortar are used to fill the joints between the pavers and hold them together. During installation, you can choose different patterns for your layout. Moreover, different sized stones can be combined for a unique look.


Stone pavers are popular due to their low maintenance cost. However, they still require some maintenance work. The pavers need regular cleaning and spills must be cleaned immediately to prevent staining. Only the appropriate cleaning products should be used on stone pavers. pH neutral cleaners and warm water are a safe option for surface cleaning but if you are uncertain you can always contact a professional. Considering different stones have different maintenance needs, select a stone which you can keep up with the requirements.


The cost implications of having natural stone around the swimming pool is often high. However, the low maintenance cost and high aesthetics value of the installation make the price tag on stone pavers worth it. Different natural stones come at different prices. For reliable pricing, get in touch with a reliable supplier and compare prices across your region. Choose a stone that fits your budget but delivers on your expectations.

Stone installations around the pool are always a great choice. Before settling on an option, contact suppliers and get a first-hand feel of each stone. Add style and value to your property with the right stone around your pool.

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