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Shopping Around For Your Wood Heater in Summer Is Actually Quite Smart

Shopping Around For Your Wood Heater in Summer Is Actually Quite Smart Posted on April 28, 2019Leave a comment


Most of us don’t tolerate the cold so well and much prefer the warmer months where we can sit outside and soak up the sun during the weekends, or spend a nice afternoon on the beach. Summertime is also when we are the most active and this is why it’s the perfect time to shop around for a wood heater before everyone gets booked out.


The benefits of a wood stove are plenty and it’s definitely a better option than getting a heater that runs with electricity. A wood stove is good for the environment and will heat the entire room because it warms up the area all around it. An electrical heater merely heats up the space in front of it. You will be saving on the electricity bill too because it only runs on wood which is the least expensive source of fuel.


If there is a blackout during winter you won’t be stuck in the cold and can throw some logs into the wood stove and watch it crackle and heat up the room. Perfect for a game night with the family when Netflix is off the table.

Here are the reasons why it’s smart to shop around for a wood heater during the summer:




1.       Beating the Rush

You will be way ahead of the game when it come to having your wood heater installed. When everyone else is busy phoning around to get theirs installed just before winter, you’ve already stacked your logs next to it and just waiting for the first cold evening to rear its head.


2.       Options

By opting to shop around during the summer you will have a larger selection to choose from. You won’t have to settle for second best because you will able to get exactly what you want. So that really popular and highly reviewed wood stove will have your name on it before anyone else.


3.       Holiday

The holidays normally are during the summer and that means when Christmas is over and New Year’s has dropped it’s ball, there will be specials all around. You can shop around and find the best deal for you when everyone else is still shopping for beach things and a nice coffee maker.


4.       Wood Heater Ready

By jumping the gun you can get the room or rooms wood heater ready by having the family jump in and move a few things around. This way you’ll have the perfect area when you have it delivered and installed. No running around getting the living room ready, just a relaxed and calm environment.


5.       Christmas

If you are Christmas crazy having the wood heater installed just before festive season means you will have a nice area to dress up and decorate. It might be hot during our Jolly season but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to enjoy the little pleasures those in the snowy area get to enjoy each year. There are even ways to DIY a fire without having to burn anything. And the best part is whatever decorations you place on and around the wood heater won’t melt or get damaged.


If you don’t know where to start looking then here are a few great brands of wood heaters to look into:


  • Kemlan
  • Kent Heaters
  • Kobok
  • Pacific Energy
  • Quadra-Fire
  • Real Flame
  • Yunca


We’re sure one of these brands will tickle your fancy and if you’re still not sure you can always ask the professionals what the would suggest for your home and the type of room.


And remember these wood heaters are better for the environment so won’t feel guilty when lighting it every night during winter.


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