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Some Fantastic Fireplace Mantle Options

Some Fantastic Fireplace Mantle Options Posted on March 4, 2019Leave a comment


When it comes to choosing a mantle for your new fireplace, Lopi have a range of stunning fireplace décor mantels for your gas fireplace. The cast hewn timber mantel with optional legs, is a mantle surround that is non-combustible, and its fibre reinforced cast concrete is the perfect reproduction of an original 150-year-old fire timber. Each mantle in the Lopi range has been hand-painted to provide you with a gas fireplace mantel that looks incredibly real, thanks to the stunning wood-like detailing. The good news is these cast hewn timber mantels can be used as either a hearth or a mantel and are suitable for most Lopi wood and gas fireplaces.

Available in 40” hewn timber legs, 5’ hewn mantel shelf or a 6’ hewn mantle shelf.

Alternatively, there are the ultra-modern looking cast polished gray concrete mantels available, for the more modern home. These polished gray concrete mantles have all been individually crafted and are sleek and most importantly non-combustible. They have been designed to offer a bold and contemporary look thanks to the diamond polished quartz surface. As with the Cast Hewn Timber Mantels they can be used as either a mantel or a hearth and are available in 5- or 6-feet widths.

These two Lopi mantles are perfect for use with your wood or gas fireplace including –

  • Lopi 564 GS2 Clean Face – a stunning gas fireplace with a warm glowing fire and minimal lines. This quality design allows you to have the beauty of a fire, with a large viewing area while still giving you complete control over the heat. Thanks to the huge turn-down rate this makes the 564 GS2 perfect for smaller enclosed rooms, such as bedrooms and studies, those small rooms in your home that don’t need a lot of heat, but still needing the warmth and comfort a gas fireplace brings.
  • Lopi 564HO GS2this amazing gas fireplace gives you the choice of three different burner options, which will allow you to stay warm all year round and with a heat output of 35mj it can heat up to a huge 158 square meters! Enjoy the choice of *high performance ember fyre burner, *the dancing fyre burner *or the contemporary diamond fyre. Thanks to the pyro-ceramic glass face which enhances the radiant heat that warms the surfaces of your home allows for the high heating performance with a turn-down ratio of 71% for Natural gas or 79% for LPG.
  • Lopi 864 GS2 Clean Face Clean Face simply means you can finish the fireplace in a minimal way without the need for grills, making it perfect for bigger rooms, and with a wide MJ turn down rate you can have a decorative fire all year round. With a massive 864 square inches of viewing area you have virtually unlimited flame variations and thanks to the Comfort Control switch you have variable flame control. Imagine being able to turn up the heat on the coldest of nights or reduce your flame to a low 5.5mj for a romantic fire on a summer night. You are in control – a full flame fire with maximum height or turn the flames down when you want less heat for a darker and more romantic fire.
  • Lopi 864ST GS2 – See ThroughA Lopi fireplace brings style to your home, and, after all your home is reflection of you, a combination of your dreams and choices. The 864ST GS2 fireplace gives you the perfect balance between flames, logs and firebox, with the logs designed carefully to give you a different look from either viewing side. Gone are the days when a gas log fire looked fake, this nine-piece log set is incredibly real. The split-level dancing fyre burner is so unique giving you warm, yellow flames and glowing embers that your friends and family will think is a real log fire. Being see through you have two different points of view so you can personalise each room by using a different face on each side. Choose from one of the standard grills or choose one of the many beautiful upgrade faces.

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