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Stainless Steel Fencing Options

Stainless Steel Fencing Options Posted on October 25, 2017Leave a comment


Fences serve several purposes. They mark the boundary between your property and your neighbour’s territory. They offer a measure of privacy by partially obscuring the view from passers-by. They enhance your security by preventing unwanted ‘visitors’ from easily accessing your space. And they add to the aesthetic value of your property or workspace.

Your choice of fencing material depends on which of the four functions is a priority. Live fences do a better job of obscuring the view, so they’re great for privacy. They can also be quite beautiful, if you use topiary techniques, and pick flowering fences.  In addition to their attractiveness, they draw birds, bees, butterflies and ladybugs for added effect.

As far as security goes, live fences are harder to scale. For poolside areas, live fences will offer privacy, but they will also introduce organic waste into the pool, in the form of dead leaves, bird droppings, and insect scales. All this detritus is likely to overwork the filter, so glass balustrades or tubular fences are preferred.

Both these fencing types are easy to clean and will be unaffected by the pool water. Plus, they offer unobstructed views, so you can watch swimmers and prevent accidents. This is especially key with younger swimmers and pets. Similarly, balconies do well with balustrades, because they offer protection without blocking the view.

Perimeter fences can be made from wood panels, PVC plates, or stainless steel balustrades. The latter is preferred for office fences because they offer a show of force while still allowing security personnel to see any intruders. It’s important to have a clear view because staffers and cameras can observe potentially dangerous people as they approach.

Stainless steel fencing is mainly available in two forms: full-length tubular fencing, and balustrades. Balustrades are generally a metre in height and are commonly used for balconies and pool sides. They come up to waist height on average, though they can also be used decoratively to top a stone or concrete fence.

They are easy to install, and you can select the DIY version of these steel fences, complete with basic tools and clear instructions. If you select a full-sized tubular fence, you can select different styles for your balusters (the vertical poles.) These balusters can be square, rounded, curved, or twisted. They can also have decorative caps at the top.

The caps can be round, carved, embellished, or pointed for extra security, since nobody wants to pierce their hands and feet on pointed steel pikes. Usually, the balusters are secured by two horizontal panels, one at the top and one closer to the bottom.

The bottom panel ensures that the space between the ground and the fence remains consistent to adhere to municipal regulations. Local rules state this gap should never exceed 100 mm, to prevent small children or animals from slipping beneath it and hurting themselves. It also prevents animal (and human) predators from accessing your property.

Stainless steel tubular fencing can be especially helpful in sloping areas. Certain companies make specialised balusters with raked ends. This can be securely planted into the hilly ground, allowing the space beneath the space to remain even without extra wooden panels. Raked poles are easier to install than flat ones. The process is faster, cheaper, and more effective.

Fences made of stainless steel retain their beautiful glossy sheen for years, and they are rust free and weather resistant. They can get copper-coloured spots of discolouration, but these are only ‘skin deep’. They remain on the chromium coating and can be easily prevented by daily dusting and wiping. They need minimal maintenance. Just hose and wipe them.

Once a week or so, you can brush them with a soft brush and warm, soapy water, then hose them clean. If it’s an external fence, you can let them air dry, because watermarks aren’t a big concern. But in cases where you’re bothered by hand stains, you can wipe them dry to avoid fingerprints and water residue.


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