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Surprising Facts about Marble and Marble Tile

Surprising Facts about Marble and Marble Tile Posted on February 13, 2020Leave a comment

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Marble is a metamorphic rock that comes from limestone. Limestone undergoes intense pressure and heat where it recrystallises and forms marble. Marble has been used in homes for generations to enhance the appearance of walls and floors. Let us look at other surprising facts about marble that you did not know.

It Derives its Unique Colours from Impurities

Each marble tile has a unique pattern that you cannot find in another marble tile. The different colours are attributed to the various rock characteristics of each rock. The distinct features are brought about by impurities like clay, sand, and iron oxide that develop patterns and layers on the stone. For instance, if your marble tile has a shade of green; it means that before the limestone turned into marble, it had high quantities of magnesium. However, the primary colour of marble is white, and it is the most common to most people.

Marble is Long-Lasting and Easy to Maintain

Marble tiles are a popular option for flooring in government building and libraries that have a lot of foot traffic. One of the reasons for this choice is because marble is durable and does not damage easily. Also, it is easy to maintain and clean, especially if it has been polished. The polish ensures that the marble tiles endure scratches and do not hold stains. Cleaning marble only requires a piece of cloth, water, and a mild detergent.


Marble Has Been Used to Beautify Famous Structures

Marble has been a choice for many prominent people as it was a sign of wealth and prominence. Due to this fact, marble has been used to construct famous structures such as the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is a classy mausoleum that was initially commissioned to be a tomb for Mumtaz Mahal who was Taj Mahal’s wife. The entire structure was made from gorgeous marble, and it took over 20 years to complete it at the cost of over $800 million.

Marble is Hypoallergenic

Do you or a member of your family suffer from allergies? People with asthma, allergies, or other breathing issues that are triggered by excess dust do not have to worry with marble flooring tiles. Marble flooring does not hold dust, hair, and dirt due to its non-porous finish; also, marble flooring does not hold pet dander of odour. Therefore, marble is ideal for use as a flooring option where there are small children who like to play on the floor as it is safe for their health.

Marble is Heat Resistant

In areas that experience high temperatures from the sun, marble has been used on the walls of buildings as it does not absorb heat. It helps keep interiors spaces cool in hot climates.


Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Marble is fit for both outdoors and indoors in its various forms. When using it inside the house, you can opt for the one that has been polished and for outdoor use, tumbled marble is ideal. Tumbled marble has anti-slip properties making it suitable for installation in wet areas such as bathrooms and pool decks. In conclusion, marble and marble tile is versatile as you can use it in various spaces such as walls, floor, or kitchen countertops. It surpasses many other options in the market as it is elegant, unique and durable. It is ideal for use both for domestic and commercial properties to give a building an individual and exquisite appearance.

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