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The Benefits of An Open Closet

The Benefits of An Open Closet Posted on February 10, 2020Leave a comment

Open Closet

Most design disciplines apply the idea form follows function. It essentially means that any modification to a structure for aesthetic reasons should only be done once it has fulfilled its primary aims for design.

For many years, closets have been lockable structures where we put our clothes and other personal effects. 

However, this has changed with the current trend being having open closets. In this article, we establish the benefits of having a spacious open closet, probably the reason why lots of people are turning to it.

1. You Will Get Some Extra Space

Most of us find ourselves in houses that do not have enough space for virtually everything, and we are forced to be economical with space to fit everything together.

Having an open closet will give you the impression that there is plenty of room, something that would not be possible with a lockable one. This kind of closet will occupy minimal space.

Apart from getting more space, the room where you have this kind of closet will have a more beautiful appearance.

2. It Improves on the Aesthetics of the Room

If you are a creative who appreciates design and lines, this will be the best closet for you. The open setting will give your eyes something beautiful to look at every day.

3. Saves Time When Getting Ready

An average person will take between 10 to 25 minutes to prepare themselves each morning, whether they are going to work, school, or whichever event. With an open closet, this amount of time can be significantly reduced since everything you need will be within sight. You can further improve on this by having mirrors and other items you need to get ready nearby. We lose lots of time looking for clothes that we could quickly locate if they were somewhere open.

4. Makes it Easy for you to Organise

With this type of closet, organising your clothes will be much easier. Everything will be within sight and reach, and so in case you spot anything amiss, you can always correct it.

5. Much Easier to Clean

With its design, cleaning your closet will be super-duper easy. All you will be required to do is wipe and sometimes vacuum clean it once in a while.

6. Help you Practice Self-Control

If you are one of the many people who purchase clothes impulsively, then this set up will help you to avoid this habit immensely. One of the key reasons why people buy items they already have is because they often don’t see them. With an open closet, you will have in mind everything you have, therefore, avoid buying unnecessary items or merely duplicating them. Once you can do this, you will be disciplined and responsible in your purchases, resulting in a closet that has only what you need.


With an open closet, you will not only save space in your room, but you will also end up getting a more organised room, as well as, save money you would otherwise spend purchasing items that you do not require.

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