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THE MAIN ADVANTAGES OFFERED BY GAS HEATERS Posted on April 8, 2019Leave a comment

Gas Heaters

When the weather gets chilly, what could be better than cosying up to a warm fireplace?

Gas and electricity are your two main options for choosing an energy source in Australia, as well as being the most convenient (at least for urban dwellers). Choosing a heating solution that offers a warm glow not only will solve the problem of heating your home but will also provide beauty and ambience. That’s why gas heaters are an elegant choice when it comes to heating your home, because they allow you to create the mood you want – effortlessly.

Here are the main advantages offered by gas heaters:

Cost Effective

Heating costs can account for up to half of a homes total energy consumption. Heating your home though, shouldn’t break the bank – in theory. So, if avoiding high energy bills is your focus, choosing gas will mean cheaper hourly running costs. Cheaper than electricity per kWh, gas fireplaces provide a cost effective way to heat a large room quickly.

Preventing heat loss is another way you can save money. To further reduce the hourly running cost of heaters, look at where heat loss occurs in your home. Insulation works – double glazing windows or using heavy curtains combined with roof insulation are ways to prevent heat loss (thereby saving you money).


Gas Heaters


Gas heaters embody elegance. A gas heater creates a relaxing and inviting atmosphere to curl up and stay close-by whilst also serving a functional solution to heating your home. This is no surprise given that traditionally, people have always gathered around fireplaces.

When you look for gas fireplaces in Sydney, look no further than Lopi Fireplaces. Lopi offer stylish solutions whether you opt for an inbuilt or freestanding gas heater. Their heaters include modern touches such as electronic ignition and remote control. With the Lopi 564HO GS2, you have a choice between log or stone media and accent lights. Customising your space has never been easier.





Australia has abundant gas – and that’s great for us because unlike electricity, gas is a flexible power source meaning that it can cope with variable demands upon it. Gas is not prone to power outages, making it an extremely reliable energy source. Reliability is what you will find with the Lopi 4415ST gas fireplace. This state-of-the-art heater with a sturdy construction can heat up an area of 195sqm!



Being an abundant energy source makes gas a great option to heat your home. Gas is also a clean fuel – perfect for use in the home. The convenience of gas heaters means that they can instantly heat large rooms cheaply and cleanly. A number of factors can affect the heating requirements of a room, such as: the size of the room, the ceiling height, the size and number of windows. Therefore, heating large rooms can be difficult but not with Regency Gas Fireplaces. These heaters mean business. Rated to heat 10+ Sqrs, the Regency GF900L Gas Log fire will do the job of heating up your large spaces quickly, as well as providing beauty and style. The convenience these heaters provide include electronic ignition and remote control, meaning that you can limit wastage – only using the heater when you actually need it. Another aspect to their convenience is – these gas fireplaces mimic the look of a real fireplace with a glowing ember bed without the effort of maintaining a fire.



Australians have embraced the idea of sustainability. After-all, with the occurrence of extreme weather conditions being felt all over the world, we have to care about the planet we live on. Reducing our carbon emissions is key when trying to live sustainably. The carbon emissions produced by gas heaters are one-third those of standard electric heaters – making gas the clear winner. Using your gas heater efficiently and reducing heat loss in your home are great ways to live more sustainably.


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