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The perfect winterproof plan for your home

The perfect winterproof plan for your home Posted on February 26, 2019Leave a comment

The perfect winterproof plan for your home

Get your home winter ready. We buy proper clothing and go through protective measures to ensure our bodies, pets, and even cars are protected for the winter elements. We move our plants inside and we prune trees and limbs in preparation for the cold months.It is very important to protect yourself for climate changes as missteps can prove costly. It is even more important to include your home when it comes to preparing for cold environments. Winter or even weather proofing is the act of preparing your home for the elements whether that’s freezing temperatures or ensuring home energy efficiency is optimal for your budget.Here we show you how to ensure your home is ready for the season.

Consider protecting your doors

Your doors, especially doors that encounter heavy traffic are big culprits when it comes to air leakage. You can reduce your energy spend significantly by assessing leaks from your door. Consider upgrading your doors by installing storm doors in addition to what you have today. These doors provide a supplementary layer of insulation around the critical entry points, keeping the right kind of air in your home.

Mind the gaps

Let’s face it, no home is perfect whether its old or new construction. Energy experts recommend to always perform a leak assessment on your home every year before the hot and cold seasons arrive. Use a caulking gun to plug leaks in windows and doors. Save on electricity costs by keeping warm air in and cold air out this winter.

 What is a draft snake?

A draft snake is simply an inexpensive way to prevent drafts from penetrating leaky doors and window seals. You can make one yourself by using a long thin pouch full of sand or grains or you can buy online. If your budget prohibits you from upgrading your windows with better insulation or installing storm doors, think about making a draft snake!. Also called drought excludes, these smart homemade tools can do a great deal in eliminating pesky cold drafts that enter the home in the winter. One draft can make the temperature of the home drop significantly in the dead of winter. It is common to have to use these measures in several rooms, especially older homes that aren’t insulated up to modern standards. Use this simple hack if you are unable to upgrade the infrastructure or if you are stuck at home unable to get a caulk gun.

No more window breezes

Like doors, windows are equally guilty when it comes to interior air leaks. If your wallet permits, it’s an absolute must to upgrade your windows, especially for older homes. Double and triple pane windows that feature UV coating are the premium pick of the crop as these cut down on energy costs substantially. Windows can also be insulated with bubble wrap in addition to being treated with a caulking gun as a DIY inexpensive hack. This may sound peculiar, but applying an extra layer gives the window extra insulation keeping the cool air out and the warm air in.

 Time to insulate

Many people aren’t aware how well (or not) their home is insulated. Many home experts recommend ensuring your home is heavily insulated to sustain a decent energy footprint for years to come. Heat rises so it is best to confirm that your attics are insulated. In addition, make sure walls and even basements and garages are insulated as these are prime areas for air to escape. In summary, air leaks and lack of insulation is the foundation for making sure your house is ready to withstand the winter months. Protect yourself from random drafts and leaks by implementing the best practices above.

Now clean it up

Good job, you’ve made significant changes to your home that will surely free up some cost savings via energy spend. You’ve heard of spring cleaning, right? Use some of those savings to get a deep winter clean which is extremely important before winter hits. After you have air leak tests and install new windows and doors, you will disturb particles that have been trapped for years. In addition, mold (you can’t always see mold) that has been formed from air leaks in the home need to be properly cleaned by a professional as you don’t always have the necessary equipment and expertise. In the winter, we spend a lot of our time inside, so you want to ensure all allergens and VOCs are eliminated.Besides, after all of that home improvement, you deserve to sit back and relax as your home gets cleaned and thoroughly groomed for the upcoming winter by a professional.

Happy Winter!


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