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The Top Picks for Window Coverings for 2017

The Top Picks for Window Coverings for 2017 Posted on May 6, 2017Leave a comment

Window coverings are often an afterthought, but this interior design detail is an important component in defining the look and feel of your room. And as an interior design element, window coverings follow annual design trends. In this post, we’ll look at a few of the styles that are in vogue in 2017.

Jewel tones

Interior design palettes are typically influenced by hot fashion colors. This year, jewel tones like turquoise, ruby, topaz and emerald are taking center stage. Incorporating these bold colors into your window coverings is an affordable way to enjoy this trend and to lend a more energizing feel to your space.


Layering shades are all the rage and can add an elegant finish to the room. One way to incorporate this trend into your home is by installing a blackout shade next to a window with a sheer shade. That way you can enjoy the emphasis on the natural light whenever you want. Another way to layer is to add elements in the new bohemian style, where colorful textiles are layered intentionally for global flair.

Natural light

Choosing window coverings that are sheer enough to allow plenty of natural light to enter the space is a timeless look. These days, sheer doesn’t mean drab, synthetic materials either: window coverings have started to incorporate linen into the fabric, and are available in a wide range of colours, not just beige and white. And while swatches of plain cloth are simple to incorporate into any space, sheers can be found in modern patterns as well.

Soft metallics

Metallics in softer shades like platinum, satin brass and brushed nickel are back in style as an alternative to neutrals. Layered with sheers or offset by jewel tones, metallics add a touch of grandeur and luxury to any room. Alternatively, matte metals blend seamlessly in designs with an industrial look.


The hot neutrals for 2017 include charcoal and slate. These darker neutrals provide a sophisticated look while also blending beautifully with soft metallics. Taupe is also a hot neutral this year, since the shade’s combination of grey and brown, warm and cool make it well-suited to coordinate with a wide range of colours.


Property owners seeking to personalise their window coverings will love the embellishments trend. Adding trim with decorative features like shells, buttons and beads to ready-made coverings creates a customised look. Even sewing on a few tassels to your existing curtains can amp up the style of your room. Do select embellishments that support the existing theme of the space. Curtain rod details and the hardware around your windows are some of the other details that belong to this trend.

Natural elements

This year, organic materials like wood and bamboo and designs inspired by nature seek to bring the outside indoors. Designers view this eco-friendly theme not so much as a trend as part of living a green lifestyle. Matchstick blinds and natural woven shades can be layered with sheer panels in natural fibres to produce a functional yet aesthetic effect. Or, use natural blinds on their own if minimalism is your preferred look.

Wood shutters, meanwhile are a timeless look for internal windows, especially the kitchen or dining room. Part of the updated “farmhouse” style, wood elements work particularly well in rooms with exposed beams and cosy materials.


Hygge is “live simply” in Danish. The difference between hygge and minimalism is that with hygge, simple here means streamlined yet comfortable. Unlike ultra modern, minimalist spaces where severe lines reign, hygge design is inviting.

Mixing patterns

Late in 2016, fashion runways were replete with mixed patterns, and home design has followed suit. The look is daring, and the rule of thumb is to mix patterns of similar scale: small with small, big with big, lines with lines, etc.

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