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Tips For Servicing Your Roller Shutters

Tips For Servicing Your Roller Shutters Posted on September 14, 2022Leave a comment

Roller Shutters

Shutters offer tremendous benefits for residential and commercial properties alike. Roller shutters are undoubtedly a great investment, offering improved security, protection against harsh weather elements, better privacy, and enhanced insulation capabilities. Another noteworthy perk is you don’t have to invest in rigorous maintenance. Asking, how often should I get my commercial roller shutters serviced? Getting in touch with reputable shutter experts can help.

This article looks into a few servicing tips that you should know. 

Roller Shutters Servicing Tips For Any Structure

  • Clean Regularly

Are your shutters jamming or refusing to close properly? Cleaning your shutters clears dirt and debris and minimises the likelihood of clogging the mechanisms, which makes them challenging to handle. Dirt causes friction and leads to the impairment of the moving parts, reducing the lifespan of your shutters. 

Those who live in wind-prone areas are at a higher risk of dirt build-up and should perform the cleaning every four to five months. The good thing is cleaning your shutters is a simple process. Start by moving the shutters to a vented place, then spay using a water hose, and wipe them using a sponge and soapy water. 

During the process, avoid using abrasive cleaners like bleach and harsh solvents. Also, incorporating steel scrapers and scrubbing brushes can alter your paintwork and promote corrosion by exposing the metals. 

  • Replace Any Broken Parts

Moving the shutters up and down can cause various issues, especially on the bolts and fixings. It may make them loose in the long run. Inspect your shutters to see if anything has been misplaced and needs replacement. Roller shutters have various parts, but the most vital components are the moving sections made of ball bearings. Greasing them prevents friction and rusting and facilitates movement. In addition, tighten the bolts and nuts after long-term use. 

While checking on your shutter components is aimed at attaining manageable operations, it also minimizes the risks of accidents. For example, by tightening the bolts, you can ensure that the metallic sheet won’t fall off and hit you during the operation. 

  • Never Use Sticky Lubricants

Generally, sticky and silicon-based products draw dirt and dust. Opt for lubricant sprays, which you’ll find in your local hardware. They should be anti-static to promote enough frictional balance. Be sure to spray a small quantity between the guides and onto the plastic clips found at the top of each track. Perform this process yearly to maintain your shutters’ functionality. It is especially true if you’ve used the same roller shutters for over ten years. 

  • Polish the Shutters Regularly

It’s not surprising to spot scratches and other blemishes on the shutters. Fortunately, polishing them using methylated spirit can eliminate the unsightly scene. After cleaning the shutters, apply polish. The technique clears dirt and grime on your doors and windows without endangering your paintwork. The result is a vibrant roller shutter with a good-as-new look. 

  • Apply Proper Care Every Time

Some servicing tips have to do with minor habits. How you open and close your shutters matters. It can lead to damage if you’re often hurrying to get it done. Always close them securely to avoid accidents, ensuring you don’t slam them into the box. 

  • Watch Out for Collapsing Shutters

It’s important to check out the balance of your roller shutters monthly. Once they are out of balance, they may collapse at any time. Involving a qualified professional for this tip is recommended. 

Benefits Of Properly Maintaining Your Roller Shutters

Maintaining your roller shutters has the following benefits:

  • It boosts their lifespan and durability. 
  • It becomes easy to operate them.
  • Regular cleaning and greasing maintain the safety and security that comes with shutters.
  • Being on top of professional repair and maintenance helps identify and address issues early to avoid significant expenses with extensive repairs. 


Roller shutters are an excellent addition. However, they can be of greater value when owners maintain the proper maintenance. Paying a knowledgeable professional to handle all this work is ideal to ensure you do everything right to promote a longer lifespan. 

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