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Why Use Tubular Pool Fencing

Why Use Tubular Pool Fencing Posted on June 20, 2017Leave a comment

Peter Smith is a writer who has long experience in home improvement sectors. He has worked as marketing specialist fr various home improvment companies like pool builder, home builder, windows and doors supplier etc.

When it comes to your backyard pool, safety is paramount. Many homeowners are choosing tubular fencing to surround their pools for one main reason – to prevent accidental drownings and other pool related accidents. This is so important when you have children who want to go for a swim – even when they aren’t supposed to.

Tubular fencing is made from a material that is durable and extremely hard to dent or crush, this is to ensure your family and any visitors and guests are safe. Pool fencing gates come with self-locking or self-latching gates for extra security.


Why Use Tubular Pool Fencing


Aside from the obvious safety reasons tubular fences also have a range of other benefits – including –

  • Tubular pool fencing can also be used as a boundary fence and gives your home added protection from burglars and thieves and anyone else wanting to gain access to your property. If your property is surrounded by a high tubular fence they’ll think twice about trying to enter your home knowing the fence is going to be difficult to climb over.
  • Tubular pool fencing looks great – it creates a professional and attractive look that is stunning not just around your pool, but around your home as well. You don’t have to paint tubular pool fencing and it looks neat and classy all year round. It can match your home perfectly whether your house is modern, or classical, whether it’s brick or fibre, tubular pool fencing will blend in. If you love to garden tubular pool fencing can be easily adjusted to work with any landscaping, plants and bushes.
  • If you are looking to sell your home, tubular pool fencing will make you home a lot easier to sell. You won’t have any trouble finding a buyer who is looking for a safe and secure home. Home buyers are concerned about both pool and property safety and one of the first things they look for – if you have a pool is that there is a safe and reliable pool fence already there. They also don’t want a home where they must replace fences just to be able to move in and feel safe. If you have safe and strong perimeter and/or pool fencing you have a better chance of finding a buyer.
  • Tubular pool fencing will also increase the value of your home, buyers know and understand the protection that a tubular pool fence gives them – it will entice buyers to buy your home.


Having a pool in your backyard is a great way to keep the kids healthy and active in the warmer months, but unfortunately, accidents happen especially in the summer. Many children die needlessly thanks to inadequate pool fencing or faulty gates. This is why it’s law that every swimming pool in Australia has to be inspected and registered to ensure it is compliant with the law.


Choosing the right fence is important – tubular pool fencing ticks all the boxes – a fence that meets Australian standards –

  • Doesn’t have gaps that are wide enough for a toddler to squeeze through
  • Is at least 1.2 meters high with no more than 100mm ground clearance
  • Is strong and rigid enough that a child can’t force a gap open and slip through
  • Doesn’t have any climbing footholds
  • Is made from materials and is welded together strongly enough that it can withstand a heavy knock.

There are many styles of tubular pool fencing on the market and as long as they meet Australian standards the fence style you choose is a personal decision. Both aluminium and steel fences are made with tubular upright bars joined by upper and lower bars

  • Flat top fences – have vertical tube bars that are fixed and welded inside flat horizontal upper and lower rails
  • Loop-top fences – have sections of tubular pipe bent through the upper rail so that each section of pipe forms 2 bars instead of one
  • Wire-based fences – these use thick vertical wires or rods rather than tubular rods. These are generally more expensive per panel than flat and loop-top fencing but are worth considering.
  • Double-top fences – have 2 upper horizontal rails with decorative metalwork incorporated. The results are similar in effect to the loop-top design but with a shorter section of vertical bar than the same height flat-top fence.
  • Safety glass – is also another popular pool fencing, glass panels are held in place by posts and spigots or various designs that are bolted into concrete, choices include – frameless, semi-frameless and even in-ground, where the panels sit inside a steel channel


Peter Smith is a writer who has long experience in home improvement sectors. He has worked as marketing specialist fr various home improvment companies like pool builder, home builder, windows and doors supplier etc.

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