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Using Balustrades Inside Your Home

Using Balustrades Inside Your Home Posted on November 24, 2017Leave a comment

Beautiful Balustrade

When you have your own home, you’ll be surprised what a difference a small change can make to the overall look and feel of, not just a room, but the whole house. Even using something as *simple* as a balustrade, can not only make your home safer, it can give a more elegant look to the room, or area.

In general, when it comes to owning a house the saying goes that if you have a large front lawn, it seems to make the house look even more stunning.

When you have visitors INSIDE your home, and they see a beautiful balustrade making its way up to the second floor in your home, they will certainly be impressed. Today, some new home designs incorporate balustrades into the design – why? Because they give a home a modern and classy look and feel.

Incorporate Balustrades

It doesn’t matter if you are building, buying new or renovating you too can have some eye-catching balustrades installed that will make your home look *a million dollars*.

Balustrades have been around – in one form or another – since ancient Roman times. If you look carefully at the furniture they built, you’ll see balustrade style legs on chairs and tables. Down through the centuries, these leg designs were given new life as balustrades.

Today balustrades are an important part of a house because they support the handrail to the main body of a staircase. This can be seen in both homes, old and new, offices and shopping centres – each has their own style of balustrade installed in the stairs.

For the home, you can choose from different types of balustrade including stainless steel and glass, all you need to do is work out which type of balustrade material will look best in your home.

  • Glass Balustrades – of all the designs currently available glass balustrades will give your home a modern look, being glass they let light through so the area will be lighter and brighter. Glass gives your home a more open and spacious look and feel. It can also give your home a cleaner and neater look and feel, as maintenance for this style of balustrade is minimal they will last you for a very long time.
  • Classic Balustrades – Balustrades that have been classically designed still give your home a modern touch, and they look great on staircases. Classic balustrades are often made from solid timber and are usually a deep, dark colour; they can be stained with a rich and dark finish to combine classic design with modern style.
  • Stone Balustrades – while considered a little bit *retro* homes are having stone balustrades installed, while you may be thinking a stone balustrade belongs outside for a perimeter fence, in modern bigger homes, they are being installed. They give off a classic look and feel that can’t be matched by any other material. It can draw attention to a staircase and make it a feature of the home. Steel balustrades can also be found used in hotels, offices and shopping centres.
  • Stainless Steel Balustrades – these are without a doubt the most popular and most sought-after form of balustrade today. Stainless steel can not only last a long time, but it is also versatile, and it can be combined with glass or timber which makes the balustrade look classy and elegant and modern all at the same time.

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